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Who we are...MMI is certified nationally to teach and train Corporate Etiquette, International Protocol and Family/Community Social Skills by the Protocol School of Washington . We are the Etiquette Experts!    We develop customized classes that impress the need for civility, respect and accountability in the workplace, family, and community.Together, in 2004 we founded Mother, May I and it has been our mission to create an environment that fosters proper behavior, common courtesies, and social skills updated for today
Lisa IadiciccoLisa is co-founder of Mother, May I. She has worked in business and marketing industries for more than 30 years. After working with major retailers like Kaufmanns, GNC, Target and Best Buy, she worked with major brands like Oscar de la Renta, YSL, Disney and Warner Brothers, observing, accessing and developing improvement plans. Lisa has deep cross-discipline expertise in business, marketing and financial sides of business. She has a passion for arming people with the tools to be successful. Lisa is a graduate in business from Purdue University. She loves to run, travel, watch movies, philanthropy and has a major weakness for good pizza. Connect with Lisa on LinkedIn.
Demetria PappasDemetria is co-founder of Mother, May I. She has expert experience in understanding family relationships and business networking for over 30 years. She co-founded Toddler University Daycare in Pittsburgh. She has involved herself in the administrative operations of major companies such as Kaufmanns, GAP, and PNC. Demetria is an expert in identifying and resolving communication and time-management challenges. She effectively manages and creates relationships that produce favorable results. Demetria is a graduate in communications from Purdue University. She loves to volunteer, supporting programs that foster the improvement of high-risk and underserved adults and youth. She loves to boast (and boat) about Pittsburgh in her travels. Connect with Demetria on LinkedIn.