Manners…Pools, Parks and Parties…Oh My!



So… summer is official apon us, hooray! What to do now? Getting out for a little summer fun perhaps? Well there are manners involved with sharing public spaces like a pool, park or even at a neighborhood party. Knowing how to act and react this summer while out and about will make for a more pleasant time! You remember the “Lions and Tigers and Bears…oh my” in the movie Wizard of Oz? Well they can all co-exist, and so can we if we are mindful of our manners…check out these unlikely friends at the zoo.

Can't we just all get along

I guess you are asking is how?   Well Mother, May I can toss you a lifepreserver of mannerly tips that will keep your summer cool and enjoyable!



So for the pool…

  1. Mind your manners! Unless you are at an all inclusive in the islands, leave food and drink poolside. The last thing anyone wants is a taco floating in the public pool.
  2. Don’t stare! It is impolite to stare anywhere, but a pool where people are in bathing suits, the temptation to look longer at a swimsuit faux pax is greater. Use your indoor/ outdoor voice…though it is understandable have excitement levels high about being outdoors, there is no need to rachet the decible levels up on your voice or your music.
  3. Be mindful of your space and others: This goes for laying out your towel or when you are leaving and shaking off your towel. Take a look at those around you to make certain you are not going to disturb. Splashing in the pool is fun, but when it continuous and reckless that is rude…so no cannonballs when lots of people are in your splash zone.
  4. Don’t bring things to the pool that you may not be willing to share. This is for you parents, if your child has a favorite toy that you decide to take to the pool, understand that other kids may like it too. To avoid any hardfeelings or a meltdown, I would leave those important toys at home.

So for the park… the suggestions for the pool apply to heading out to the parks this summer, but there are a few others that are park specific.

  1. Leave No Trace Ethic. It is very simple: leave the place you visit the same or better than you found it; leave no trace of your having been there, so that others – both human and animal – can enjoy the place the rest of the year. With 75% of Americans admitting to littering, well cutting that in half would make a huge impact on the ecology and the economy!
  2. Respect Mother, Nature and the rules of the park! If there is a sidewalk or trail that will get you to your destination, use it vs. trampling through the grass or forest. Practice this with your kids by suggesting they use the sidewalk vs bolting across the grass at your next neighborhood party.

So speaking of parties… again the suggestions for the pool and the parks apply to heading out to parties this summer, but there are a few extras to be mindful of.

  1. RSVP! Just take the extra 5 minutes to check your calendar and respond. There have been huge gaffs when people don’t…take the client party for the Blue Ribbon Bag Company for instance. Why put your gracious host under pressure by having to handle your showing or no-showing.
  2. Kids will be kids… but at someone else’s home it is your responsibility as parents or guardians to keep your children under control. The best way to do this is decide with your children the ground rules and the penalties before you step out of the car.


Mindful manners is what can make a good time great! So get out there and share some sunshine!

 posh picnic

As the Beetles sang so sweetly “Here comes the sun…and I say, it’s all right.”


Thank you for reading and enjoy your summer!

Lisa and Demetria…

Co-Founders Mother, May I – Etiquette Experts

Are you Proud of You?

Pride logo So…with all the news swirling around about inequality and inequities shown to our fellow man (or woman), I want you to ask yourself…Are you proud of you? Think about that question before you jump in, because being proud of yourself is an important thing today, but many think it has to deal with some major accomplishment. It doesn’t. It can be something as simple as being proud of yourself for treating all people with kindness, understanding and respect. The lesson in that idea, is life changing, and a life skill that can be handed down to your next generation. Some times it’s hard to change your views, especially if those views have been very important to you or you’ve had them for a very long time. But you have made the decision to open your heart and understand people that are different than you, and that is commendable. Good job!

Well…Gay Pride month has kicked off in cities around the country. The purpose of the commemorative month is to recognize the impact that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals have had on history locally, nationally, and internationally. This wonderful celebration is chock full of parades, costumes, great food and great fun! It celebrates the liberation of people, some who have lived in the shadows for decades, whose major goal has been the right to love.


Now what in the world is wrong with that?

 In the United States, same-sex marriage is recognized by the federal government and has been legalized in 36 U.S. states. More than 70% of the population live in states that recognize same sex unions. Well we’ve come a long way from Brokeback Mountain, and it is heartwarming to see older, loving couples, who have had to hide their relationships for decades in fear of public retribution. Times are a changing!

While many of us are embracing the evolution, there are still folks that don’t mind their manners on the matter…Iggy Azalea cancelled her Pittsburgh Pride concert, just last night, based on the uproar against her recent percieved homophobic and racists tweets.

But with major sports figures like Michael Sam and Bruce Jenner or power people like Ellen DeGeneres or Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO revealing their true selves, it helps to offer strength to the rest of LBGT community.

So we wanted to offer some ways to show your manners in the midst of diversity.

  1. Don’t make assumptions… Forget about stereotypes; they almost always do not apply. Not all gay men know how to cook, wear tight clothes, and love to shop or sing along with old show tunes. Not every lesbian has short hair and drive a Subaru. People present in all kinds of way so asking open ended questions can help ease awkward moments.
  2. People are forgetful by nature, so once again, don’t assume malice or disinterest if something is forgotten. Help out by reminding people who you are.
  3. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all… my mother brought me up with this mantra. So many people in the 4G world have forgotten this simple kindness.
  4. Learn that gay men and lesbians are no different from any other group of people. They have dreams and goals, and want to be happy and lead productive lives. The more time you spend around gay and lesbian people, the more you realize that they’re just people, the same as you.
  5. Do not out your gay friends to others, respecting their privacy at all times. Outing them may put them in harms way, or make them vulnerable to discrimination from others whether it be in the workplace or for housing or other basic services
  6. Maintain and open mind and open heart! Attend a Pride parade. My dear friend and I happened on the Pride parade in New York City a few years ago…it was festive, irreverent, educational, loving, peaceful and really fun!

 Miami_PrideTake pride in doing the mannerly things that will make this week a memorable one!

Come together for the better!

Lisa and Demetria

Co-Founders Mother, May I… Etiquette Experts


Interview Tips for Summer Jobs and Internships


So… school is out for summer, hooray! What to do now? Getting a job sounds like a good thing to do this summer, but with the competitive environment for those coveted summer internships or higher paying summer vocations, how can you make the right impression to get that “Dream Job”? Summer is a chance to pad one’s resume with important, or at least important-sounding, work. Whether it is an unpaid internship which may offer an “In” later in life or waiting tables at a local restaurant, or becoming an entrepreneur, cultivating your own ideas, leaving the right impression…a thought through impression, can make your summer job experience more worthy and profitable in the longer term.

I guess the question you are asking is how? Well  Mother, May I can offer you the mannerly road map to improving your chances of getting that Dream Job!


    1. Do your homework! “What?” you are saying…”I am out of school so I don’t have to do homework!” Well face it folks…a successful life is all about the homework. Investigate the industry or company or specific job description you want. With Google, the task is much less daunting. Being prepared is the mannerly thing to do.
    2. Show Enthusiasm: Show this during the interview because only the top 10 – 20% of candidates do. Make sure the interviewer knows you are excited to be there, and are pleased to discuss your background, your skills and abilities, and how you can help the company succeed with your skill set.
    3. Active Listening: Paying attention and being present in a conversation, an interview or a meeting will show that you are interested and engaged. Everyone wins when you take the time to put down your electronic devices and just listen.
    4. Dress the Part: Appropriate dressing “Your personal comfort ends where professionalism begins,” says Vinda Rao, marketing manager at online recruiting software company Bullhorn.  “[When] you are trying to make a great impression, being casual because it’s hot outside is an indication that you don’t take the opportunity seriously.” Career experts say dressing inappropriately is hard to recover from during the interview process.
    5. Become an Entrepreneur:  If you are having trouble finding work or just want to launch your own paid pastime, summer is the time to do it.  Mow lawns, walk dogs, paint houses…do whatever you’re interested in, and learn lessons in startups while you’re at it.

As Malcolm Gladwell said “Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.”   – Malcolm Gladwell Outliers

Good manners is what takes people from Good to Great! Practicing professional protocol and mindful manners through the interviewing process is the key to measurable success, whether you are applying at Starbucks or the Whitehouse.


Share with us some of your successes in finding a summer job that moved you! We want to hear!

Thank you,

Lisa and Demetria

Co-Founders Mother, May I – Etiquette Experts

Etiquette Week If You Please…

Etiquette Week   Many people know when Fashion Week is every year and lots of guys have the NFL Draft week meticulously etched in their brains. Well, do any of you know that this week alone, some folks are observing Dance Like a Chicken Day?

or  National Chocolate Chip Day, let alone that it is officially the kick off of Etiquette Week! Why have a week that honors and observes Etiquette? Why not…it is after all highlighting ways to be civil and engaged in this fast pace, 4G world. And who would want to celebrate that?

Happy National Etiquette Week!

May 11th through the 15th is National Etiquette Week, an event founded in 1997 by children’s etiquette consultant Sandra Morisset. What a great way to celebrate the importance of courtesy, civility, and good manners—not just once a year for a week, but in the little, ordinary moments that make up everyday life.  Constantly working good manners into ordinary moments will make a huge impact on that moment and others to come. Your moment of good manners has the capability to cause a ripple effect and spread good manners exponentially outwards, touching the lives of the people around you, and across the country. So keep that in mind next time you have an opportunity to have an exceptional mannerly moment.

So first off we want to offer some newsworthy Acts of Kindness that have shown up in the news recently…we tip our hats to these folks who could be Mother, May I’s poster children for this week of celebrating good manners!

Alexa Sexton and her 21st B’day Wish

Station 4 Baytown Texas

Chase Andrew Kraynick Pay It Forward

We wanted to put together the short list of things you could do this week to make the world a more mannerly and better place…

1. Say “Please” and “Thank You”. This seems elementary, but you will be surprised how many people don’t take the time to use these simple words. How you say them is just as important…offer eye contact when these words are spoken to someone…it exhibits sincerity.

2. SMILE! As we all know there is no language barrier in a smile…it is the easiest way to diffuse difficult situations and it is just nice to do. Takes more muscles to frown anyway…so just smile.

3. Actively listen. Paying attention and being present in a conversation or a meeting will show that you are interested and engaged. Everyone wins when you take the time to put down your electronic devices and just listen.

4. Mindful use of electronic communication. Whether texting a friend or emailing a co-worker, being respectful in word choice and tone is important. Take the time to proof all that you send…electronic communication is forever.

5. No Techno at the Table! Technology has its place, but not at the table when you are enjoying a meal with colleagues, clients, family or friends. You will be surprised the level of conversation you may get to if you check your technology at the door.

So go forth this week with the notion of making a difference, one manner at a time!

Keep Calm

Margaret Mead once said, “Never underestimate the power of a small group of people to change the world. In fact, it is the only way it ever has.” Each of those people may have had just one person who inspired them.  Will you be the inspiration for others today?

Share with us some of your mindful manners and acts of civility and kindness this week. This is the kind of news we all want to hear!

Thank you,

Lisa and Demetria

Co-Founders Mother, May I – Etiquette Experts

Manners are a Marathon!



Is running a marathon really that impressive these days? Sure is! Less the .5% of the US population have ever even finished one! Many think anyone who wants to run 26.2 miles, must be a little crazy. But the truth is people run for many reasons…you can run like Forrest Gump, because you”just felt like running”, or you can run honoring a loved one, for a philanthropic cause or just to say “I did it”. Whatever your reason, we have some helpful tips for you to get you through with mindful manners.

And for the record, Lisa and I have finished running a few marathons.(I will admit that Lisa was my mentor in running my first marathon.) And , today she has graduated from training with me to mentoring young girls at Girls on The Run .  So, since we are experts on manners and running-I would like to combine the topics of Marathons and Manners. As with any popular social event, there is proper protocol-and Race Day is not an exception. Waking up during the wee hours of the morning to run amongst strangers is going to take some approriate social skills, manners, and courtesies. In 2014, in the United States alone, more than half a million people finished a marathon. So, here is a guide to be a polite runner and a proper spectator:

  1. Don’t sneak into a seeded pen.  The finish time corrals are set up for the safety of the runners, so be realistic and start in the most appropriate spot.
  2. If you run to music, use just one earbud and keep the volume low, this helps to keep you aware of things going on around you.
  3. If you are taking a drink or plan to eat at the water stations, exit gracefully-Look before you turn back into the running traffic, and toss your empty cup, banana peel or sticky gum wrapper to the side of the course and in that garbage bin.
  4. If you plan to walk-run the entire race, then stick to the edge of the course.
  5. If you take a walk break: just take care to work your way to the side first.
  6. If you need to slow down, because you are hurt or feeling ill-Put up your hands and shout “Stopping” to alert runners behind you that something’s going to change.
  7. If you must spit, snort or pass(gas), just make sure there is no one behind you when you do it.-It takes a millisecond to turn your head.-Save the embarrassment.

And Now, Marathon Etiquette Tips for the Spectators!


30,000 runners will be embarking on their journey May 3rd in the Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Marathon Events.  So if each of them bring 2 spectators to cheer them on, well, how does one successfully manage 60,000 sign toting, enthusiastic spectators? We hope that they follow our simple tips to keep the peace and pace on race day.

  1. Be Prepared. Water Stops and food stations are for participants. Pack your own snack and water.
  2. Make Signs. We love to read the signs as we run (even if they are for others)-Mile 20-Highland Park in Pittsburgh.
  3. Don’t run across the street while dodging runners.
  4. Don’t scream obscenities thinking it will motivate the runners.
  5. Clap and offer words of Encouragement for all runners, not just your favorites.
  6. Don’t offer homemade goodies. Let the food stations do their job.
  7. Stay to the finish. Nothing is more rewarding than sharing that finishing moment with a marathoner!

Unfortunately, neither Lisa nor I will be participating as runners this year. Injury and Family trumped our attendance-however, we hope those that run will let us know how you finish!

Manners, like Marathon training takes practice…so stretch out those mindful manners and see what great place they might take you!

Demetria and Lisa

Co-Founders Mother, May I – Etiquette Experts…and Marathon Finishers

How Manners Start From the Ground Up!



In honor of Earth Day this week, I thought I would talk about where good manners started to grow. Some might view proper manners as a scene out of Downton Abbey Manners of Downton Abbey  . Well they actually have a different origin…though etiquette has been known since ancient times, it acquired its classic form in the Middle Ages. Most researchers dealing with history of culture attribute the appearance of etiquette as a regulatory system to those times… the “law” you might say, that was put in place to keep order. Etiquette had the character of the law and had a very strong influence on the high society. Violation of the rules of etiquette was regarded as a crime.

So fast forward to today…bad manners won’t land you in the stocks, but could deter your opportunities to get into the school you want, or get the job you desire. Learn more about Interview Etiquette here: College and Beyond with MMI

Some, feel manners are a lost art, but we say go to lost and found and find those manners, because good manners and professional behavior will find you avenues you may not have thought existed.

So we will start by discussing the “Family Table”…


What’s that you might say?   Well as the name suggests, it is your family sitting around the table for a meal…consistently. From personal experience, that’s where it was sketched into my head: “Put your napkin on your lap” “Don’t talk with your mouth full!” “What do you say when you leave the table…oh yes…May I be excused?   Well that table talk has lost its priority and has been all but eliminated for lots of reasons:  multiple households, many afterschool activities, forgetting the importance, and the list goes on.

Our suggestion is to find that Family Table…even if it is only once a week! Treat that time as a technology free zone and go through the details of manners at the table with your family. Help create small talk during the meal by having everyone discuss the best part of their day. Hopefully they will say…this meal!

The New York Times just published an article about our up and coming youth Make Way for Generation Z . Preparing kids with the best possible soft skills, like manners, will improve their opportunities as young adults!     Good manners as a kid, turns into a positive impression, which turns into personal and professional SUCCESS throughout their lives!


Mother May, I has contributed to a podcast on Tuesday, April 21st at 10AM EST.

Please tune in at Mom Talk Podcast Mother, May I and listen to some helpful hints for kids and young adults or click play below!

Let us know how you have created a Family Table. We would love to share your successes with our followers.

Thank you and Happy Earth Day…Grow something good today!

Lisa and Demetria

Co-Founders Mother, May I – Etiquette Experts

Don’t be Cross…Learn the art of Mannerly debate!




So… I am sure most of you have heard the old adage, “don’t discuss religion or politics”.

Why is that,  do you think? I think it is because people get so passionate about their point of view, it seems very possible that the discussion may turn to fist a cuffs. We have seen throughout history polarizing religious thought processes resulting in heartache and war. But in polite conversation, managing anger and frustration is hard…and so we resist it.

Conflict, actually, can be positive or negative, constructive or destructive, based on how we approach, engage and navigate the conflict.  Workplace Conflict Solving occurs when people express disagreement without hostility and with a commitment to an effective resolution of the conversation. But in this digital age where people can weigh in on any topic behind the comfort and security of their computer screen or mobile device…well the conversation can get unproductive. Take the reactions to Governor  Mike Pence signing Indiana’s controversial “religious freedom” legislation.  Indiana’s religious freedom law

Well here are some tips to help you have a constructive conversation about polarizing topics.

  • Active listening – do not dismiss an opinion just because it is not in-line with your own( link back to our Did you know tab under Do You Understand me)
  • Never demean or belittle intelligence or character of the person you are speaking with
  • Have a conversation, respecting other’s opinions…agreeing to disagree if necessary
  • Speak your opinion in a non-threatening manner – remember your tone can be polarizing

Many a friendship, family connection and career have been lost by handling this topic without grace and proper manners.

And for you bloggers out there…if you wouldn’t feel comfortable making your comment face to face, I would refrain from posting it. It is a poor reflection on you, that could come back to haunt you.

Hiding behind Computer

In the end, disagreements are healthy. In public discourse, there are difficult problems that do not have simple solutions. It is ok to have a conversation and ultimately to agree to disagree with someone. The key word being…Conversation!

We would like to start a conversation…Agree or Disagree, Is that the question?


Lisa & Demetria

Co-Founders Mother, May I – Etiquette Experts

Upgrading Your Manners…It Will Pay Off For You!


spring-forward (2)

So… with the start of Spring (finally!) we thought it might be a good opportunity to conduct some Spring Cleaning in manners department. A refresher on some important modern manners , well it’s perfect timing!

Spring is the time when the Mother Nature rejuvenates herself…so why shouldn’t we?! Let’s start clearing out those closets of misfit manners and Spring into acting and behaving in a more professional and mindful way. In the world of business, it’s not always what you do but how you do it. With one small gesture you can impress, insult, appear cultured and educated, or simply reduce your credibility .

Here are some mannerly actions that will increase your E.Q. (Etiquette Quotient), increasing your confidence and marketability in the world!

Be on time…

Be on time and prepared….what that means in business affairs is 10-15 minutes early and google some pertinent information about the event or speaker. What can happen if you arrive early?

  1. You may get some face time with decision makers, who are typically early.
  2. You can take the time to find the best positioning for you in the meeting space.
  3. You can offer to help – offering assistance may convey your ability to collaborate, which may differentiate you from your peers.

See what this professional hockey player’s lack of timeliness has cost him… Pro Hockey player suspended for lateness

Dining Do’s and Don’ts…

Master the art of dining. It is not about eating with your mouth open or belching at the table…though those infractions are important, there is a much deeper nuance to a business meal, particularly if you want to make the right impression  More than 65% of all business is conducted during a meal of some sort. So sorting out best practices is important. So ask yourself…

  1. When do I RSVP?
  2. Where do I put my napkin when I stand?
  3. How to order or should I order a bottle of wine?
  4. When do I start that business conversation?

Salt and pepper

Learn more about Dining Etiquette with MMI.


Mindful usage of electronic devices/electronic communication. Many an opportunity has been won or lost based on how we communicate. In this 4G world the lines have gotten more challenging to navigate. So knowing how and when to communicate is critical in maximizing success. Do you know how to communicate between the multitudes of generations in the workplace ? Here are some tips:

    1. Learning how a company or client prefers to communicate is the first thing. So ask how you should be communicating, you don’t want to be texting when picking up the phone would be more appropriate .
    2. Knowing when an email has become misinterpreted and knowing what to do about it.
    3. Respecting the people around you when using your electronic devices. It’s rare to talk to a person without your phone buzzing at least once. So who is most important? That person in front of you or your electronic device buzzing in your pocket?  Brain Interrupted   

Personal space in a public place…

Being mindful of your surroundings and personal space. I am amazed the amount of people who actually take phone calls in a public restroom or in a cubicle space amongst 20 other cubicle spaces.

  1. Remember to use your indoor voice when speaking on the phone or with other colleagues in a confined space.
  2. The office refrigerator should not be considered your personal space…it is communal so treat it that way by clearing out your contributions on a daily basis. Don’t take what is not yours or you may get this note in return.

refrig letter

Do you want more advice on how to improve your E.Q.? Contact us… we will make your Etiquette Spring Cleaning a more pleasurable and profitable task!

Lisa and Demetria

Co-Founders – Mother, May I

Make an Impressionable Entrance


So the 87th Academy Awards show has come and gone and it seems that almost everyone behaved in a way that didn’t leave a negative taste in your mouth. I have an Oscar party ever year and it made me think, as people walked my handmade red carpet, what do people think of me as I travel down the “Red Carpet” of life? What impression do I throw out into the world? Most people will judge you within the first seconds of meeting you and their opinion will most likely never change. Making a good first impression is incredibly important, because you only get one shot at it.

The New York Times Best-selling book Blink by Malcom Gladwell Blink and this Princeton University study, are just 2 examples in the ocean of studies on the topic of first impressions. Princeton Study 

So I guess there is something to this notion.

So I am going to offer some helpful hints on how you can be make your first impression the best it can be!

  1. Set an intention. The most important thing to do for giving a good impression is to set your intention. This is especially important before any kind of big event where you would be meeting a lot of people — i.e. conferences, networking events or friend’s parties. Ask yourself, What do you want the outcome of this encounter to yeild.
  2. Be conscious of your body language. Body language is a crucial part of first impressions. Everything from your posture to how you carry yourself to the way you’re angling your body. Often, simply being aware of your body language can result in immediate improvements. Take a video of yourself or create a buddy system so you get real time feedback on your subconscious actions. Subconscious cues to keep in mind include noticing where you point your feet, your posture, the way you shake hands and eye contact. 

bad body language.htm

  1. Be interested and interesting. If you are truly interested in meeting people and are open to learning about who they are, they will get this in a first impression. Do some homework before attending a meeting or event so you have at least 3 nuggets of information to impart that would add to the conversation or to that first meeting. Google comes in handy for this pre-work.
  2. Think about your ornaments. Clothes, make-up, jewelry, watches and shoes are all types of ornamentation and people definitely take these into account when making initial judgments. I highly recommend getting some of your favorite outfits or ornaments together and asking friends you trust what they think of when they see them.
  3. SMILE… Putting a smile out there will get you one in return! Many wise business men trusted in that…Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Management of Nestle USA… Shep Hyken and Mother, May I  They believed that smiling breaks down barriers and is an invitation, a sign of welcome. It says, “I’m friendly and approachable.” Even if you find yourself in a bad mood before an important event, do something that gets that smile on…mine is listening to Taylor Swift singing Shake it Off!


Whether going to an interview or a networking event, being prepared to solidify an amazing first impressions is time well spent. Because after all, you only have one time to make a good first impression!

Tell us what you do to help get you in the mood to make a great first impression..


Lisa and Demetria

Co-founders Mother, May I

How to Build a Better Relationship Every Day

Val Day

So it is actually kind of ironic that I would get this weeks topic to write about…see the thing is, I don’t really believe in “Valentine’s Day”. No, I am not bah hum bug to love…the contrary actually, just feel that Valentine’s Day is a commercialized holiday in order to sell more price hiked flowers or make jewelry stores more profit. I have had, like most of us, my share of not so great relationships, but if you can change your approach to a more mannerly one, odds are things will improve. So I am going to offer some helpful hints on how you can be more mannerly in relationships…all year round, vs. just one day of the year!

  1. Communicate and Listen to each otherMother, May I teaches the benefits of active listening skills, which has been proven to improve relationships at home and at work. Feeling like you are being heard is important making you feel respected.
  2. Live respectfully…  No matter how frustrated you are, it’s always better to be respectful to your spouse, partner, friend, co-worker, than not.  Make it your charge to act respectfully, and ask that you be similarly treated.  This means watching your tone of voice, speaking about your own needs rather than other’s shortcomings, and remembering to find the positives in each other.  Living respectfully also means respecting yourself!
  3. Rethink “I’ve got to…”  It’s amazing how easy it is to get caught up in an “I’ve got to (fill in the blank)” mentality.  Yet a really honest assessment suggests that many “got to’s” are actually “choose to’s.”  Be accountable with your needs and the needs of your partner and focus on the “choose to’s”.  Look at the bright side! A change in attitude can compliment your relationships in general.
  4. Embrace the differences… you’ve heard the old adage that opposites attract, but do they stay together? Well it depends on how we handle each other’s differences. Civility is the key!  Accept your differences and allow those to strengthen your relationship. Don’t view your differences as problems, but view them as an opportunity for you to be with someone who will bring you out of your comfort zone.
  5. Keep smiling and laughing… Don’t be misled, happy relationships have serious moments too. Even arguing is part of a healthy relationship, but happy couples get each other’s sense of humor. Couples who keep things lighthearted when they don’t need to be serious show that they still value the traits that brought them together in the first place.


Whether going on your first date or in a long time relationship, a proper code of conduct in relationships will help manage the process.

Pick one mannerly behavior you want to improve in your relationship building style…Let us know it changes things!



Lisa and Demetria

Co-founders Mother, May I