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Take the  advice of Mother, May I – Etiquette Experts, on how to build “Professionality” in your workplace. Understanding the importance of mindful manners and professional protocol at work will improve your effectiveness and make a difference in your companies’ overall success.

We customize training sessions that address the specific needs of your company and organization. Mother, May I (MMI) has made a difference in the workplace experience of many companies and educational institutions. If you want to improve your company’s productivity through professional and civil behavior, then make the first move to connect with Mother, May I (MMI) on LinkedIn, Google+ or through our Facebook page today!

Here are some of our session topics:


Less Managing, More Mannered Moments: This session concentrates on reducing unprofessional or uncivil behavior in the workplace. More than 45% of a manager’s time is spent resolving conflict resulting from employee’s inappropriate behavior…what would it do your company’s bottom line if you could get 50% of that time back? And what better time to start that than early in the year?

Summer Internship SlouchThe summer internship has become a vital and competitive commodity for both the intern and the employer. Studies have shown the preparedness level of college graduates to move into the workplace, to be at an all-time low.  Mother, May I is here to bridge that gap. Internship programs are the best way to recruit the best full time candidates, so get the most out of the experience by including etiquette and professional protocol training in the internship process.

Holiday Guidelines: Reports have proven that the holiday season is a breeding ground for bad behavior. Adecco reports that 4 in 10 Americans, have either done something inappropriate or have witnessed poor judgment at a holiday office party. We can help by training managers and employees on the best way to navigate the holiday season to not end up with a trip to the HR manager’s office.

All Aboard Training: On boarding new employees is one of the most important tasks to ensure retention and a positive experience for the employee and employer. Including soft skill training like professionalism and civility will not only set you apart from other employers, but will improve the work experience for all involved. These skills easily transfer to client relationships too. So let’s get the train moving with MMI!

Cross Generational Communication: An unprecedented number of companies have 4 generations working under one roof. With that, brings a chasm in communication styles. Inappropriate communication will affect your company’s profitability and productivity. Let MMI help connect those dots, saving you money and time!

Dining Dilemmas: Did you know that more than 65% of all business related subjects are discussed over a meal of some sort. Knowing how to conduct yourself during a business function can be a make or break situation. We can train your team about appropriate behavior, from a causal event to a formal business dinner.a455b2224d56794307911a092456b8a5

Business Travel Abroad: We conduct country specific protocol training for your travelling employees. Being coached on a country’s culture before you travel will make the experience more respectful and productive.

MMI Consulting – This is an intensive one on one coaching program that can take technically competent employees and make them a professional superstar that will represent your company productivly with appropriateness and grace!

Visit the Mother, May I website or call us at 412.251.0712 so we can discuss your company’s needs. Build a better business one “Thank You” at a time!

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Lisa and Demetria

Co-Founders: Mother, May I/MMI

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