Can Manners Be Recycled?

Give a hoot and don’t pollute.350px-People_Start_Pollution_-_1971_Ad

With that said, littering or doing anything improperly or inappropriately is not mannerly. Throughout, human history, people have disposed of unwanted materials onto streets, waterways, in small local dumps or often in remote locations. (Wikipedia). It’s no surprise that littering has an effect on your quality of life.

Did you know, that having the right manners can also affect your life. So, since we have all been doing our best to not litter, why is there a shortage on manners?

Our manners being disposed of today is obvious. Nearly, 70% questioned in an Associated Press-Ipsos poll ( said people are ruder today than they were 20 or 30 years ago. Do you think that the person who intentionally litters also has bad manners? Interestingly, research by Keep America Beautiful, found that 75% of Americans admitted to littering in the last five years. Well, I guess we can respect the fact that those who are littering are being accountable. However, it’s becoming easier not to litter. There are all kinds of recycling and repurposing containers and laws to help us give a hoot to not pollute.

So why can’t Americans be more intentional on behaving properly and acting appropriately?  Do you think that as we take the time to not litter, we decided to put our manners to the curb?

Our society has managed to make a difference in their environment by recognizing the importance of recycling. Why have we not managed to behave better as well towards each other. From road rage in the morning commute to the high-decibel cell-phone conversations that ruin our dining, men and women behaving badly has become the hallmark of a hurry-up world. How can we convince each other that manners matter more today than before? Using your manners everyday make as much a difference in your life as much as recycling your water bottle.

Let’s try to put the same effort into recycling into making manners matter. Be a good scout and  help us work our recycling efforts into our daily manners- here are 7 tips to accomplish each day of the week. 

  • Sunday-While addressing the needs of your property such as leaf blowing, trash collecting, ask your neighbor if they need any help around their home.
  • Monday-Getting the trash ready for the week pick-up, be sure to ask your housemates if they need any debris collected as well.
  • Tuesday-Take some time to learn the new recycling labels. And share your knowledge with others.
  • Wednesday-If you see something, say something. Alerting others to their publicly displayed bad behavior may be a challenge, yet if you can offer some polite interference-you might have made a difference in the outcome of their day.
  • Thursday-Drink your daily allowance of water out of a recycled container, and offer a stranger a kind gesture.
  • Friday-Reuse those leftovers in your fridge by creating a different dinner. Invite a few friends over for a “Pop-Up” Leftover Picnic.
  • Saturday-Send out a note to someone, on recycled paper.

What matters most when it comes to littering is the same when it comes to manners. Respecting each other and respecting our environment go hand in hand. It takes one good deed a day to impact someone’s life. It takes one recycling can to carry reusable containers to the right place. So, as long as we agree to be kind and mindful to each other-our efforts will be recycled into a kinder society for years to come.

So, lets’ think twice, and just be nice…

Demetria and Lisa

Co-Founders Mother, May I – Etiquette Experts



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