Tips for Building Stronger Teams at Work

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.53.28 AMSo… building a strong team at work seems like a simple task right?

Common Goal…Like-minded people…Perseverance…Same work ethic…Respect

Well it is actually much harder these day based on the complexities of the workplace.  Reliance on technology, smaller workspace, freelance and remote workers, the changing generational make-up of the workforce, more ethnic and gender backgrounds, less respect in general.  It is no wonder many companies call on Mother, May I/MMI Consulting to help get them the right toolsto create a more collaborative, productive team at work.

Since this is January and our theme is “Building” rather than “Resolving” to building more productive workplace here are some measurable tips to become stronger in your work relationships!

 1. Communicate! Communication in any relationship is key, and how the communication is delivered can be equally as important.  Be sure your communication method best serves the message. For example, relaying sensitive information may be best served with a face to face encounter vs an email.

 2. Understanding the best mode of communication is important.  You may be sending a text to a person who doesn’t have text messaging capabilities.  It is perfectlyprofessional to ask the person you will be communicating with what is their preferred communication method.

 3. Companies are excepting the use of social media at work…some encourage it.  But beware, if you are wanting your employees to be your brand ambassadors talk about the appropriate ground rules of engagement and set some limits. 

 4. Be authentic!  Trust can be severed or questioned in a minute if you are not honest and upfront.  Most people want to know the truth even if you don’t think they can handle the truth. (Like A Few Good Men.)

5. Listen!  You have 2 ears and one mouth.  Try using them in that ratio.  Active listening, with eye contact and sincerity goes a long way to improving and building trusting relationships. It is a fact that an empathetic listener is more likely to be trusted and respected. “Being a poor listener is associated with poorer social and emotional sensitivity.” according to a study in Psychology Today.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.57.44 AM So as January comes to a close chase the goal of making your workplace more productive and profitable through your most important asset…your team!

Lisa & Demetria

Co-founders Mother, May I

Create a Stronger Team at Work with MMI


Take the  advice of Mother, May I – Etiquette Experts, on how to build “Professionality” in your workplace. Understanding the importance of mindful manners and professional protocol at work will improve your effectiveness and make a difference in your companies’ overall success.

We customize training sessions that address the specific needs of your company and organization. Mother, May I (MMI) has made a difference in the workplace experience of many companies and educational institutions. If you want to improve your company’s productivity through professional and civil behavior, then make the first move to connect with Mother, May I (MMI) on LinkedIn, Google+ or through our Facebook page today!

Here are some of our session topics:


Less Managing, More Mannered Moments: This session concentrates on reducing unprofessional or uncivil behavior in the workplace. More than 45% of a manager’s time is spent resolving conflict resulting from employee’s inappropriate behavior…what would it do your company’s bottom line if you could get 50% of that time back? And what better time to start that than early in the year?

Summer Internship SlouchThe summer internship has become a vital and competitive commodity for both the intern and the employer. Studies have shown the preparedness level of college graduates to move into the workplace, to be at an all-time low.  Mother, May I is here to bridge that gap. Internship programs are the best way to recruit the best full time candidates, so get the most out of the experience by including etiquette and professional protocol training in the internship process.

Holiday Guidelines: Reports have proven that the holiday season is a breeding ground for bad behavior. Adecco reports that 4 in 10 Americans, have either done something inappropriate or have witnessed poor judgment at a holiday office party. We can help by training managers and employees on the best way to navigate the holiday season to not end up with a trip to the HR manager’s office.

All Aboard Training: On boarding new employees is one of the most important tasks to ensure retention and a positive experience for the employee and employer. Including soft skill training like professionalism and civility will not only set you apart from other employers, but will improve the work experience for all involved. These skills easily transfer to client relationships too. So let’s get the train moving with MMI!

Cross Generational Communication: An unprecedented number of companies have 4 generations working under one roof. With that, brings a chasm in communication styles. Inappropriate communication will affect your company’s profitability and productivity. Let MMI help connect those dots, saving you money and time!

Dining Dilemmas: Did you know that more than 65% of all business related subjects are discussed over a meal of some sort. Knowing how to conduct yourself during a business function can be a make or break situation. We can train your team about appropriate behavior, from a causal event to a formal business dinner.a455b2224d56794307911a092456b8a5

Business Travel Abroad: We conduct country specific protocol training for your travelling employees. Being coached on a country’s culture before you travel will make the experience more respectful and productive.

MMI Consulting – This is an intensive one on one coaching program that can take technically competent employees and make them a professional superstar that will represent your company productivly with appropriateness and grace!

Visit the Mother, May I website or call us at 412.251.0712 so we can discuss your company’s needs. Build a better business one “Thank You” at a time!

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Lisa and Demetria

Co-Founders: Mother, May I/MMI

Bad Manners of 2015…The Year in Review!


So… we have decked the halls and spun the dreidel and now it is time to look back and reflect on the year gone by…

Here are some manner mis-haps that might help you jumpstart that New Year’s RE-invention list!

Not in any particular order, mind you, but we have hit the highlights or low-lights as you will see…

  • Respect the word integrity…do you know what that means? Webster’s definition: the quality of being honest and fairC.S. Lewis was quoted as saying “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching”.  Tell Tom Brady from the New England Patriots that deflate-gate is not great!
  • Being respectful in politics…Clearly we all don’t see eye to eye when it comes to the political arena, but having the improper body language can make an emotionally charge conversation even more explosive. Tell President Obama & Vladimir Putin that.


  • Respect being a “good sport… Swiss plainclothes police entered the annual meeting of FIFA, soccer’s global governing body. FIFA executives accused of bribery and corruption. Now that is not setting a good example for any sport.
  • Respect for one another… Laurence Sternes said “Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guide our manners”. So a Taco Bell executive, Benjamin Golden , 32, was taken into custody after beating up his Uber driver! The video already has half a million views on YouTube
  • Respect your neighbor… Tell that to actor Tom Selleck who is accused of stealing truck-loads of water from a public hydrant and delivering the precious resource to his 60-acre ranch where he is said to grow avocados.
  • Respect in public places…Pop Star Ariana Grande, after video surfaced, appears to show her licking doughnuts at a shop in California. Local police said the 22-year-old singer and a friend appear to “maliciously lick” the doughnuts that a clerk says they did not pay for.

AG doughnuts

Did you know that more than 65% of all business conducted happens during a meal?…Well we are taught to not talk with our mouth full and at this year’s Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest, there was no time for talking!

Social Media has a loud voice… Your questionable actions, which 5 years ago may have flown under the radar, now have wings thanks to Social Media. Public shaming trend growing on social media is a bad idea. Tell Donald Trump that! #benice!

Donald Trump gestures while addressing the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, Thursday, Feb. 10, 2011. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon) Original Filename: Conservatives Conference.JPEG-052a8.jpg

So as we bid farewall to 2015, we hope that Mother, May I has enlightened you’all on what to do when it comes to professional protocol and mindful manners.

Thank you for engaging and we wish you’all a happy and healthy New Year…


Lisa and Demetria

sample1         demetria2

Co-founders- Mother, May I

Manner RE-Invention with Intention!

Start on January 1

While New Year resolutions are driven by positive qualities of hope and optimism, they can also be related to a belief that the year brings a “fresh slate” to reinvent yourself.  Did you know that only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions…? So we like to use the term Re-invention instead. The terms mean to invent again or anew, vs resolving on a course of action.

So beside the popular re-inventions like losing weight or saving more money, we think January is a good time to re-invent your professional image and manners.


Intention is a good word too… Dr. Wayne Dyer’s bestselling books, describe intention as a key ingredient in making any change possible and positive.


So Mother, May I suggests reinventing your Professionality through earnest intention. Understanding that the result here will positively impact your professional and personal lives in 2016!

snip improve professioanlity

Some studies say 13 days some say 21, and studies have suggested up to 60 days depending on the change to be made. The time varies based on the person and the need to succeed. So we suggest mapping, physically mapping, out you professional improvements and prioritize, tackling the low hanging fruit first. Prioritizing is the first step to help jump start this Re-invention process.

The other things to keep in mind would be the following:

  • Keep it simple
  • Make it tangible
  • Keep believing you can do it!
  • Communicate your intentions/goals to some like a trusted friend or mentor. If you physically say it out loud, you become subconsciously accountable
  • Then practice, practice ,practice

What are the most important professional habits you can reinvent to get the best results at work?

We narrowed the list into some broad attributes that resonate in almost all professions. First on our habit trail would be:

  • Timeliness –Being on time is a critical component to your professional success. This goes not only for showing up to meetings and appointments but also in the timeliness of projects and responsibilities. Tardiness “costs U.S. businesses more than $3 billion each year in lost productivity. The effect on the bottom line of the average business is significant
  • Preparedness –Being late exhibits that you’re not prepared and again will give off an air to others that their time doesn’t matter. Unacceptable and very fixable!
    • Give a realistic time frame for completing all the tasks on your list. If they involve collaboration, make sure you place and communicate deadlines and allow for a little more time.
    • Always have paper and a pen on-hand. Do not show up empty handed to a meeting. We suggest to have a small notepad and pen at the ready. This gives off the impression that you are ready for the task at hand.
    • As for being prepared for a networking function or last minute meetings/event, use search engines like Google or Bing, to have at least a few factoids in your mental pocket to communicate at the appropriate moment.
  • Active Listening – We always say that you have 2 ears and one mouth and you should try to use them in that ratio. Listening with authentic intent creates a more productive exchange of information, and offers the speaker or your boss the impression that you, the listener, are more trustworthy and competent.
  • Reinvent your “digital” impression – Be an active and diligent participant in managing it! You control your destiny as it relates to your social media impression. Review all platforms on a bi-weekly basis and untag pictures and block or unfriend people who are posting inappropriate things. Most HR executives will check your social media before hiring a candidate…70% of candidates never even get to the interview phase based on what is found on social media.

You can end the year by making the right impression with people you count on…


Please let us know your New Year’s RE-inventions and let us know the difference it is making for you at work.

Happy New Year!

Lisa and Demetria

Co-founders- Mother, May I

Is It Mannerly to Be Better Late than Never?

Its the most wonderful time of the year…Right? Well, it so happens that for many of us-this time of the year can be challenging and disappointing. We get caught up with all the invites(or maybe nobody is inviting us because of our bad behavior-we will talk about that later). And we get busy buying for others at the last minute. (BTW-70% of those shoppers are men Hmmm) Also, we are all trying to find that perfect gift for all those on our lists. So, take a deep breathe, Please pause

           Keep Calm and Manner On!

  • Santa-Christmas-LastMinuteBe Merry – Try to listen to all the “good will” news stories-and permit them to help you be grateful and merry.
  • Be Nice – Try to use the “golden rule” when shopping.
  • Be Present – Try to spend more “real” time with family and friends. Do not overload your day, and rush in and out of events
  • Be On Time – Try your best not to be late. It is not mannerly. However, here are some tips from MMI to help you when you do make yourself late…..Christmas and Other relative holidays exist to reminds us to think about others that are less fortunate, and to be thankful for what we have in front of us. So, we encourage you to share your “spirit of intentional goodness: regardless of the delivery deadline .

Include the following comments in your late cards or gifts with sincerity:

  1. I know I am late with this card, yet I want you to know that I am thankful that you are a part of my family.
  2. Please accept my apology for the late delivery.
  3. No excuses. I never intended my delivery of gifts to arrive after the holiday.

On a final note, Mother, May I is grateful for our family, and friends. We want to thank you for your support in 2015-and here is to a New Year-New You in 2016.

Demetria and Lisa

Mannerly Holiday Tipping…


You have occasion to tip throughout the year right? The reason why we tip is to show respect to the service provider…so why should December tipping be any different? Well, I guess it is because December is the final month of the year and it gives us all cause for pause to remember the people who help us to get through our lives.

But why do we really tip? Take a look at’s Survey Statistics on Tipping.
Holiday Tipping statistic

The survey showed that 17% of people tip because of expectation, compared to 73% who do it to say thank you. About 6% tip out of fear they won’t get good service next year if they’re stingy. Fear should never be a factor in gifting.

So…knowing who you should tip, how much and when is important as you are making a positive impression on someone when you do. While gifting is a choice, not giving anything may leave an impression also…so be mindful of the message you may send.

Make your holiday tipping easy by following Mother, May I’s guide to who and how:

  1. First…Make your very own “Nice” list with those people who assist you on a regular basis. What is regular? If you find yourself calling for their assistance more than once a month—put them on your regular list.
  2. Sticking to a holiday tipping budget, and allocating cash or gifts starting with those closest to you, is the best way to handle a longer list
  3. Make sure you give that “Holiday Thanks” tip in a timely manner. Don’t give your holiday thank you tip at Valentine’s Day.
  4. Try to give the gift in person and be sure its presentation is perfect. Don’t stuff a crumply old green-back in the pocket of your handyman. Hand them the gift in a nice envelope or money card with a handwritten note.be_nice_santas_watching_tip_jar_stickers-ra2eb65ab312f4dbbb49962c2f74f66d7_v9waf_8byvr_324

This all may sound daunting so being prepared will help ease your anxiety. Having the list of people you are thankful for by Thanksgiving, will smooth out the delivery of your thankful tipping before the end of the year.

th (10)Lists that offer guidelines for tipping should be regarded as suggestions and not rules. So how much is appropriate? Make sure you don’t forget a universal rule-“location, location, location”… Some cities or service areas might have higher tipping amounts.

Property Manager-$20.00 or a gift card to Home Depot

Doorman or that person you say Hello to every morning on your way to work – $15 to $100. This one really depends on how often that person helps you beyond opening the door for you.

Housekeeper – Up to the cost of one visit

Mail Carrier – A small gift or a gift card up to $20.00

Hair and Nail Techs – up to 1 appointment cost.

Personal Trainer – $15-$25

Dog Groomer-Up to the cost of one session…Dog walker – 1 weeks’ pay

Sanitation Worker-$10.00 up to $20 each

Kids instructors or coaches – A small gift selected by the child

Favorite Neighbor-A thoughtful plant or gift card to their favorite shop

Even if a cash tip isn’t possible, send a hand-written note or a homemade food item. Pinterest is a good resource for some great holiday treats!

And here is one last tip…

As you end the year make the right impression with the people you count on…

Please let us know where your mindful tipping made a difference for those you count on.

Happy Holidays

Lisa and Demetria

Co-founders- Mother, May I

How to Be on Your Best Behavior at your Office “Party”

Hey Boss, Is that Mistletoe?

seamless-office-holiday-party-madmen.jpg (500×380)Before you make grievous errors in judgement at your holiday party and plunge headfirst into the punch bowl, remember you’re still at work. And remember to practice our tips on leaving the best impression on your colleagues in 2015.  40% of coworkers said they have either done or witnessed an inappropriate act at the company’s holiday gathering.  Many of the year’s firings happen after such a gathering.  Let Mother, May I help you not be part of that statistic.

First of all, though it’s called a “party,” it’s really a test. Don’t think for a moment that your drunken antics or sheer blouse will be forgotten when your annual review rolls around and you ask for a raise. It is possible to be festive and at your best while staying within the bounds of professionalism. You can pass the holiday test with high marks by reading and applying our advice. Take the following test-answers are at the end of our blog(should we put them on our website)

  1. May I wear the same clothes to the “holiday” party?work-banner_01
  2. Should I bring a gift to the organizer with me?
  3. May I bring a colleague who is looking for a job at my company?
  4. Can I bring some mistletoe and hang it near the beverages?
  5. May I use this setting to ask that girl with the curly hair out?
  6. Can I bring my own beverage of choice?
  7. May I talk about my progress at work with my boss?
  8. Can I make a toast during the “holiday” party?
  9. May I ask to take a “doggie” bag of leftovers?

So, how did you do? Are you ready to be at your best behavior? Here are the answers to help you get ready and gauge your E.Q. (Etiquette Quotient)

  1. May I wear the same clothes to the “holiday” party? Sometimes. Its okay to wear the same work clothes, if the party is during work hours, and is held at your workplace. If the party is outside of work time, and held at a different location-then take some time to wear a “holiday” appropriate outfit that best represents you.
  2. Should I bring a gift to the organizer with me?  Not at the party. The gesture of bringing a gift is nice, however now is not the time. Be sure to send a thank-you note immediately after the party. Your host is going to be busy hosting, and will not have the time to accept your gracious gift.
  3. May I bring a colleague who is looking for a job at my company? It Depends. Unless the RSVP requested bringing your spouse, mother, immediate family member, you may not bring a guest. So, you carpool with someone-have them make other arrangements.
  4. Can I bring some mistletoe and hang it near the beverages? No, you may not bring anything unless a specific request is required-such as a gift to toys for tots, or a potluck dish.
  5. May I use this setting to ask that girl with the curly hair out? Definitely Not, this is not the time to find love. If you’re serious about your job and career, you’ll keep your love life separate from your work life.
  6. Can I bring my own beverage of choice? No, you may not bring your own beverage of choice. Be respectful to your organizer, and enjoy the venue they provided.
  7. May I talk about my progress at work with my boss? No, Leave work at work. Bring a good attitude and smile throughout the party. People will find you approachable.
  8. Can I make a toast during the “holiday” party? No, not necessary. The holiday party is not your platform to be recognized. Mingle amongst everyone and mind your manners when making introductions.
  9. May I ask to take a “doggie” bag of leftovers? No, do not be tempted to take those delicious leftovers. AND DO NOT try to leave with a drink in your hand. Unless, there is a “take” away gift-the last thing to do is thank the host-Say good-bye to your boss, and leave a lasting good impression.

BLG-XXXX_Holiday-DressingPlease enjoy this time of the year by making your best impression and good memories. For more expert advice, be sure to take a look at another blog we’ve written that reached you How to Stand Out at Your Holiday Party. If you have a specific question for us, don’t hesitate to reach out directly, and please email us at We promise to answer quickly as we know those holiday parties are around the corner!

Demetria and Lisa

Etiquette Experts

Mother, May I


Succeed this Holiday Season with Proper Gifting Etiquette

Aggressive Santa Claus biting a gift box

Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza …oh my. This time of year is filled with joy, friends, family, fun and STRESS!  Coping with holiday stress is important… that includes mindful gift-giving.


Do I give gifts to my co-workers? To my boss? To my staff? Can I re-gift?

Well there are many questions… so let’s start unwrapping the answers…


Gift exchange at work?

Trying to find the right gift for people you really know can be tough let alone people you just work with. So we have several mindful suggestions when it comes to gift exchanges at work.

  • First off find out if your office is gift exchange friendly. The rules tend to be workplace specific. Some aren’t for ethics considerations.
  • Stick with professional but personalized items… so stay away from Victoria Secret and stick with something from Target, Brookstone or Harry and David’s
  • Understand and stick to the spending criterion. The worst thing you can do is to go over the spending limit while others have not.
  • There are other fun ways to exchange, like a grab bag or a White Elephant exchange.

A gift for the Boss or not? That is the question…

If you are considering adding your boss to your gift giving list year tread carefully. It isn’t all that common and if you want to give your boss a gift you need to think about the consequences. The risk is that your boss might see it as trying to twist the relationship and get an advantage.

Here are some tips if you decide to give:

  • Do your homework…research the history of gift giving in your office. Do other employees give gifts to the boss? If so what kind?
  • Be sincere… The best reason to give your boss a gift is to thank them for a specific act of kindness.
  • Don’t get personal… The worst gifts to give are either expensive or personal. Rule of thumb – Don’t give something that touches the body.
  • Buy a group gift… Agree on a budget, get consensus from the group and voila…everyone is happy.

Gifts to my staff?

Some companies don’t allow gift giving, so check the employee policy guide before you get your credit card out.

  • Make things equitable for all employees at the same job level…everyone should get the same monetary value gift.
  • Know your employees…Muslims don’t typically drink wine, vegetarians probably don’t really want that ham at Christmas and giving a diabetic a whole tin of Mrs. Fields cookies, will leave the recipient feeling that they have been treated impersonally.
  • But keep in mind, most people would rather get a financial bonus or a paid day off than whatever gift a company chooses for them.


And what about re-gifting? There was a stigma surrounding this practice but today it has taken on a new purpose…a re-purpose! But you need to be mindful, so here are some Mother, May I tips to help your re-gift is the perfect gift!

  • Re-gift with a thoughtful purpose, making sure the gift is meant for that particular person. The gift needs to be new and unopened.
  • Be sure to unwrap the gift and rewrap it for the new recipient. Do not embarrass yourself by leaving a card addressed to the original recipient inside the packaging.
  • Avoid re-gifting where social worlds might collide. If there are 6 degrees of separation, then be sure a misguided repurposed gift may not bring that separation closer.
  • It is green to re-gift. Better for that gift to land in a worthy persons’ hands than in a landfill somewhere. Can’t think of the perfect recipient? Donate it before tossing it in the trash!

Check out Mother, May I with KDKA (CBS) on the topic:

KDKA Article: Local Manners Expert: Re-Gifting Gets A Bad Rap


Another option for all of these gift giving scenarios is a donation to a co-workers favorite charity on their behalf…this is always a good deed.

Show your professsionality this holiday through mindful giftgiving… share some of your best or worst workplace gifts on our facebook page or respond to this blog.

Happy Holidays from Mother, May I

Lisa and Demetria

Co-Founders – Mother, May I






Another option for all of these gift giving scenarios is a donation to a co-workers favorite charity on their behalf…this is always a good deed.


What is Most Important This Thanksgiving?

TurkeyDid you know that some of your best memories are made while gathered around a table? Thanksgiving is a wonderful, memory making time of year to be with family. Do you remember what you said you were thankful for at last years Thanksgiving celebration? Be prepared to state what you are Thankful for this year.  Make everyday a little like Thanksgiving by finding what you are thankful for…being grateful everyday makes find you positive part in everyday life. Thankful

This Blog is about being Thankful.

Do you really need a blog to tell you how to be thankful? I doubt it. Yet, it takes some mindful thoughts to help you answer everything that you are thankful for… Where ever you may be gathering this Thanksgiving, whether with family, friends, or solo—try to be thankful for what AND who you have (even if its just YOU). If you need help on how to be are a few tips:

  • Keep a gratitude journal.-This is such an awesome way to make yourself feel better when you need some uplifting words and memories.
  • Use the right words to turn your thinking around. Talking about things with a negative connatation, only leads to negative thinking.
  • Practice mindfulness while you are eating, going on a walk, or in a conversation. I use the word practice, because it takes ‘practice’.
  • Begin to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. Sounds challenging. Yet, if you don’t challenge yourself-you are not going to change.
  • Tell someone you appreciate them. I LOVE this one. It is a great way to start feeling and being Thankful.

This thanksgiving take the time before sitting at a table, and celebrate happiness, success, health, and the memories that have grounded you. AND….Be sure to think about those people who you feel you could not live without.

Although Mother, May I believes that good mealtime manners are important, and help you make a great impression, the family time at Thanksgiving are what make good memories. Good memories can be made when you said up about sincere gratitude that answers ‘What you are thankful for…’, and let someone realize you are thankful for them.

We would love to hear your answers..your replies help us recognize whats important to you.

Have A Thankful Thanksgiving Everyday..not just this November.

Oh, and by the way-if you are wondering—What am I, Demetria, thankful for? I am thankful for having infinitely great support from my husband, George. And I am also thankful for having trust in God. (who is never too busy to be present with me-just like George)

Demetria and Lisa

Etiquette Experts-MMI

What Manners Speak Loudest for Veterans?

Image135Let’s Raise the Flag and Our Level of Respect for Veterans with it. 

No other photograph makes me more aware of my freedom. November 11th is the observed holiday that raises our awareness to those who defend our freedom. This historic photograph stands behind the date of February 23, 1945. It’s 70 years old -and still resonates as the most significant and recognizable image of war. What resonates the most for you on Veterans Day?-Hanging your Flag?, Saying Hello to a uniformed soldier?, Calling a friend who served and saying Thank You?… Don’t let this Wednesday pass by without recognizing a veteran.

Historians have the identity of the six men raising our nation’s flag. But, who are the other 19 million faces that have raised their hand to guard our freedom?

Recognizing a veteran might not be all that simple these days. Fortunately, many of them are out of uniform, and unfortunately many of them are homeless.  How can you recognize a veteran?

Everybody can do something. Every American. Every business. Every school… Please let’s all set out a goal to do a mindful manner towards a veteran on 11.11.15. Here are eleven simple tips you might not know:

  1. Properly display your flag
  2. Change one light to green in a visible location-on your porch, in your home, or at your officeScreen Shot 2015-11-09 at 11.38.16 PM
  3. Hire a Veteran.
  4. Help send a care package to a service member. My local mail center is always collecting boxes for our active veterans
  5. Donate online to a supporting qualified charitable organization.
  6. Donate your older car through the service of Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation.
  7. Take your running to a different level, and run for Homes for Our Troops
  8. Buy a ticket for a Vet to attend a Fun event.
  9. If you own a business, offer a discount service or  something free to anyone identifying themselves as a veteran.
  10. Take the time to tune in on HBO to watch an uplifting and emotional tribute on 11.11.15 at 7pm.
  11. My Favorite—Say Thanks, Look at that veteran, or active military person-and say Thank You…

Stand up and be thankful for your freedom.

Semper fidelis


Demetria and Lisa

Co-Founders Mother, May I – Etiquette Experts