Dining Dilemmas
Did you know that more than 65% of business conversations happen in and around a meal?

Here are some dining Do’s and Don’ts that will help keep the focus on the conversation and social interaction and not on a mealtime mishap that will be remembered instead.

  • Host or “Hostess with the Mostest”…There is an art to being a good Host. You set the tone for the meal or event.
  • No Techno at the Table…Turn off or silence all electronic devises. GMA clip Tech Time Out Unless you are expecting an emergency call, keep those devices out of sight. Remembering always, that the person in front of you is the more important.
  • Napkin Therapy…it feels so forlorn when forgotten on the table or not used often during a meal. Drop it? Leave it!
  • Code of Conversation…Keep the conversation appropriate for the occasion. Remember small bites enables small talk.

  • Thank You!…Be a gracious guest by sending a handwritten thank you note to your host shortly after an event. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving mail?