Do you understand me?
Consider this research from the Associated Press:
The average attention span in 2000: 12 seconds
The average attention span in 2013: 8 seconds
The average attention span of a goldfish: 9 seconds
Clearly, we’ve got an attention span problem in our culture…

Each day the majority of us spend 70-80% of our waking hours communicating. Effective communication and Active Listening creates a bond of closeness, reduces conflict, enhances personal and professional relationships.
Do you know what your body language is saying to other people?

“Keep your thumbs still…I’m talking to you”
Cross Generational communication is critical to workplace and home-space harmony.

  • 1. Know the right mode of communication based on subject matter, message complexity and audience/client.
  • 2. What’s in a Word? Using the proper word choice based on your audience or forum shows respect and respect generates trust.
  • 3. Multitasking is a Multi concentration buster…learning how not to will increase productiveness. Psychology Today