Hard Choices-College and Beyond

Hard Choices…Sending your child to college is clearly a hard choice. Finding the right fit is even harder! Consider the statistic that 1 in 3 freshman choose to leave school after their first year. Avoiding this statistic may require some changes in parenting, well before considering colleges, and being truly transparent with your young adult. How can you help your child choose the right school?

  • First of all, listen during your pre-college visits. Activate your active listening skills to understand what the college counselors do to help freshman acclimate.
  • Secondly, during your colleges visits, observe the non-verbal cues of your child. Are they inconsistent with their typical behavior? Are they excited or nervous? Are they fidgeting? Are they having difficulty giving strong eye-contact? These all can be signs of a potential “mis-fit”.
  • Thirdly, observe how the school communicates with their student body. Study the school newspaper reading the “New Student Orientation” section and share it with your child. Understanding the social footprint and campus protocol of the potential school, will guide you and your child to making a better choice.
  • And finally…a 4 year college isn’t the right choice for everyone. Clear communication with your child can help make the hard choices…the right choices!

May your “back to school” days not be a weight on your shoulders. I would love to hear about all college choices, right or wrong.

Demetria Pappas & Lisa Iadicicco
Co-Founders -Mother, May I

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