I wonder if I am making the
right impression?
Did you know that 80% of the impression you make is made before you open your mouth?
Here a few tips to make the right impression immediately:

    • Be early and be prepared! Arriving 10 minutes early to a business/networking event may give you an opportunity to speak to people you may not otherwise have the chance. Once you are conversing, having some background on the speaker or subject matter will go a long way. Thank you Goggle.
    • The I.E.S have it – Introduction. Eye contact. Smile. This intoxicating combination, when executed skillfully, is a winning combination!
    • Dress appropriately – Being mindful of clothing choices can mean the difference between landing that job/promotion or ending up embarrassed and preoccupied. Don’t confuse festive with “flesh-tive”.


“I would rather hire someone that is likable that I could train to do the job—rather than
someone who is trained to do the job, of whom doesn’t get along with others.”
Henry Ford


      • 1. Being able to connect with others through small talk can lead to big things.
        According to Debra Fine, author of ‘The Fine Art of Small Talk.‘ Real Simple Article


    • 2. All things being equal, grade point averages have less bearing on success than the ability to converse with others. Stanford University School of Business study.