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So… school is out for summer, hooray! What to do now? Getting a job sounds like a good thing to do this summer, but with the competitive environment for those coveted summer internships or higher paying summer vocations, how can you make the right impression to get that “Dream Job”? Summer is a chance to pad one’s resume with important, or at least important-sounding, work. Whether it is an unpaid internship which may offer an “In” later in life or waiting tables at a local restaurant, or becoming an entrepreneur, cultivating your own ideas, leaving the right impression…a thought through impression, can make your summer job experience more worthy and profitable in the longer term.

I guess the question you are asking is how? Well  Mother, May I can offer you the mannerly road map to improving your chances of getting that Dream Job!


    1. Do your homework! “What?” you are saying…”I am out of school so I don’t have to do homework!” Well face it folks…a successful life is all about the homework. Investigate the industry or company or specific job description you want. With Google, the task is much less daunting. Being prepared is the mannerly thing to do.
    2. Show Enthusiasm: Show this during the interview because only the top 10 – 20% of candidates do. Make sure the interviewer knows you are excited to be there, and are pleased to discuss your background, your skills and abilities, and how you can help the company succeed with your skill set.
    3. Active Listening: Paying attention and being present in a conversation, an interview or a meeting will show that you are interested and engaged. Everyone wins when you take the time to put down your electronic devices and just listen.
    4. Dress the Part: Appropriate dressing “Your personal comfort ends where professionalism begins,” says Vinda Rao, marketing manager at online recruiting software company Bullhorn.  “[When] you are trying to make a great impression, being casual because it’s hot outside is an indication that you don’t take the opportunity seriously.” Career experts say dressing inappropriately is hard to recover from during the interview process.
    5. Become an Entrepreneur:  If you are having trouble finding work or just want to launch your own paid pastime, summer is the time to do it.  Mow lawns, walk dogs, paint houses…do whatever you’re interested in, and learn lessons in startups while you’re at it.

As Malcolm Gladwell said “Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.”   – Malcolm Gladwell Outliers

Good manners is what takes people from Good to Great! Practicing professional protocol and mindful manners through the interviewing process is the key to measurable success, whether you are applying at Starbucks or the Whitehouse.


Share with us some of your successes in finding a summer job that moved you! We want to hear!

Thank you,

Lisa and Demetria

Co-Founders Mother, May I – Etiquette Experts

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