Is It Mannerly to Be Better Late than Never?

Its the most wonderful time of the year…Right? Well, it so happens that for many of us-this time of the year can be challenging and disappointing. We get caught up with all the invites(or maybe nobody is inviting us because of our bad behavior-we will talk about that later). And we get busy buying for others at the last minute. (BTW-70% of those shoppers are men Hmmm) Also, we are all trying to find that perfect gift for all those on our lists. So, take a deep breathe, Please pause

           Keep Calm and Manner On!

  • Santa-Christmas-LastMinuteBe Merry – Try to listen to all the “good will” news stories-and permit them to help you be grateful and merry.
  • Be Nice – Try to use the “golden rule” when shopping.
  • Be Present – Try to spend more “real” time with family and friends. Do not overload your day, and rush in and out of events
  • Be On Time – Try your best not to be late. It is not mannerly. However, here are some tips from MMI to help you when you do make yourself late…..Christmas and Other relative holidays exist to reminds us to think about others that are less fortunate, and to be thankful for what we have in front of us. So, we encourage you to share your “spirit of intentional goodness: regardless of the delivery deadline .

Include the following comments in your late cards or gifts with sincerity:

  1. I know I am late with this card, yet I want you to know that I am thankful that you are a part of my family.
  2. Please accept my apology for the late delivery.
  3. No excuses. I never intended my delivery of gifts to arrive after the holiday.

On a final note, Mother, May I is grateful for our family, and friends. We want to thank you for your support in 2015-and here is to a New Year-New You in 2016.

Demetria and Lisa

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