The Kind Recline…Airline travel is not like it used to be!

So… In the last 2 weeks United, Delta and American diverted flights as a result of passengers that just couldn’t play nice in the sandbox… or the airplane in this case.  All the major TV networks highlighted this subject and many newspapers/on-line media have weighed in as well.  There is even a device, called the Knee Defender that has been designed to prohibit the seat in front of you from reclining.  These plastic brackets are not FAA approved or airline issued and have been banned from most US airlines.

Okay, the fact is, the airline industry has been financially challenged and continue to find ways to make each flight more profitable.  So what does that mean for us consumers?  Smaller planes, packed flights, less leg room (the average is just a 28-31” pitch), and more tension.

So, just because you can, does it mean that you do?  Most airline seats were designed to recline so doing so is not an act against the TSA, but how you do it is the thing.

Be courteous and don’t inconvenience other passengers!

Try to slow the recline, so the person behind you has time to react.

You can also verbally alert the passenger of your intentions to recline.

Or eliminate the issue and fly Spirit Airlines…their seats simply don’t recline.

What not to do?  Throw a cup of water at the person behind you… that may land you in jail.


Lisa Iadicicco & Demetria Pappas

Co-Founders – Mother, May I

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