May I Feel Guilty About Re-Gifting?


Here is my first online confession…I am a re-gifter!   It all started when my children would get a gift that they already had. I would immediately know who I could pass it on to, so, I would quickly grab the gift before any mishandling of plastic wrap occurred, and put it in my re-gifting closet. YES, I even have a designated place for my re-gifting treasures.

Re-gifting Rules… and I mean this in the real sense. There are websites dedicated to re-gifting. Canada has an annual re-gifting week! Re-gifting even hit Oprah’s Favorite Things.

May I add a little history lesson on re-gifting to help you understand its modern origin?

In 2006, Money Management International (MMI), started National Re-gifting Day. Re-gifting day falls on the third Thursday of December, the day when the most office holiday parties are held. Allegedly, re-gifting is more socially acceptable when the recipient is a coworker rather than a close friend or family member. However, with the world of recycling, reusing, and repurposing making an impact outside of the workplace, re-gifting has crossed over into everyday gift-giving.

And as long as you follow a few simple rules in re-gifting, you too will feel the guiltless pleasure of giving that perfect gift. Mother, May I suggests being mindful of the following rules before re-gifting:

1. The gift needs to be new and unopened…the key word is, unopened. You would not open a bottle of perfume, decide you don’t like the smell and regift it, right?

2. Don’t re-gift just because you did not like it. Regift with a thoughtful purpose, making sure the gift is meant for that particular person.

3. Be sure to unwrap the gift and rewrap it for the new recipient. Do not embarrass yourself by leaving a card addressed to the original recipient inside the packaging.

4. Avoid re-gifting where social worlds might collide. If there are 6 degrees of separation, then be sure a misguided repurposed gift may not bring that separation closer.

5. It is green to re-gift. Better for that gift to land in a worthy persons’ hands than in a landfill somewhere. Can’t think of the perfect recipient? Donate it before tossing it in the trash!

624-04291 Check out Mother, May I with KDKA (CBS) on the topic:

KDKA Video: Local Manners Expert: Re-Gifting Gets A Bad Rap

So, do you regift? Ever been on the receiving end of a re-gift?  Please gift our readers with your story on our blog or Facebook page! Also feel free to share this post with someone who could use some re-gifting tips too!


Demetria and Lisa

Co-Founders – Mother, May I

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