May I Make an Impression By Holiday Tipping?


YES—you may! Learn more from Citizen of the World Guides. Make December a month to remember for people you are thankful for by your grateful tipping. But, who do you tip? How much? When? Simple questions that can make tipping confusing. Make your holiday tipping easy by following Mother, May I’s guide to who and how:

  1. Make your very own nice list with those people who assist you on a regular basis. What is regular? If you find yourself calling for their assistance more than once a month—put them on your regular list.
  2. Make sure you give that thankful tip in a timely manner. Don’t give your Holiday thank you tip at Valentine’s day.
  3. Make sure you give that gift yourself and be sure its presentation is perfect. Don’t stuff a crumply old green-back in the pocket of your handyman. Hand them the gift in a classy envelope or money card with a handwritten note in the card.
  4. Make sure you don’t forget a universal rule-“location, location, location”… Some cities or service areas might have higher tipping amounts.


If you think the above sounds daunting, then start your own New Year’s resolution by getting organized. Having the list of people you are thankful for by Thanksgiving, will smooth out the delivery of your thankful tipping.

So how much is appropriate? For many services, the general rule is to tip the amount of a normal service fee. Here’s a holiday tipping average from Business Insider.


Property Manager-$20.00 or a gift card to Home Depot

Housekeeper-Up to the cost of one visit

Mail Carrier-A small gift or a gift card up to $20.00

Manicurist/Pedicurist – $15-$25.00

Dog Groomer-Up to the cost of one session

Sanitation Worker-$10.00 each

Doorman or that person you say Hello to every morning on your way to work-$15 to $100. This one really depends on how often that person opens your door…

Favorite Neighbor-A thoughtful plant or gift card to their favorite shop


You can end the year by making the right impression with people you count on…We want to hear about how your grateful tipping effected the recipient . Post on our Facebook or tweet on our Twitter.

Happy Holidays

Demetria and Lisa

Co-founders- Mother, May I

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