How to be Mindful with Gym Manners!

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May I pull my own weight as I try to better my health?

YES, you may! For decades, getting thinner has been a New Year Resolution for many. Read Forbes’ article on achieving those goals here:  Just 8% of People Achieve Their New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s How They Do It.

Let’s say you’re on the road to achieving your goals by going to the gym… Building a Better You starts at the top, and I’m not talking about your shoulder muscles—I’m taking about being mindful when you are exercising in public spaces.
Gym attendance is at an all-time high. Consider these Fitness trends by  Shape: The Ten Biggest Fitness Trends in 2015

So with all that extra weight attending the gym-what does any of that have to do with our own weight? Well, we get distracted when we see someone wipe their sweaty nose and then wipe down a machine using the same towel. Or using earphones yet the volume is so loud you can hear the song being played along the whole weight circuit. And what about the locker room? Wet towels left on the floor, used razors in the shower… where is the humanity?
What’s a dedicated motivated exerciser to do?

Mother, May I suggests you help these people get out of their exerciser zone and politely point out the errors of their ways. Say, with eye contact “Excuse me, would you mind…” and politely ask them to do a particular task the correct way. We hope that they don’t mean to be sloppy or rude, they are just in their “zone”—and not being mindful.

Exercising is a benefit we should all be grateful for…”But with a benefit comes responsibility” says Peter Post. Here’s an article about Office Showers and the new etiquette questions they create.
Follow the rules of your gym, practice good behavior, and we promise you will feel like you have less weight to pull around.
What was your worst witnessed workout behavior? We want to know!

Demetria and Lisa
Co-founders Mother, May I

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