How to Be an Outstanding Host for the Holidays

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Thanksgiving is almost upon us, so we thought we would take some time to talk about being a good host. Have you ever been over someones house and didn’t feel very comfortable? Don’t let that happen to your house guests. Make sure your guests feel at home while in your home, and alleviate stress for everyone. Making people feel at ease and at home or at an event is an art form, but it really is your responsibility as a host to make the experience for your guests the best it can be. Even the most carefree parties demand guests and hosts alike meet certain expectations.

What does that really mean? Do you think you are a good host/hostess? Here are some tips to help you be an ‘Outstanding Host for the Holidays’

  1. Invite clearly. Include necessary information for your guests in the invitation: the date, the time, the place, the occasion, the host(s) and when and how to respond “yes” or “no.” Add any special information such as what to wear or what to bring, say, for a pot-luck.
  2. Guest list…Take care creating your guest list. A great group of people will make any party a success and assist in seating arrangements – Take the guess work out of it for your guests and be strategic when determining who sits where.
  3. Be prepared and anticipate your guest’s needs, particularly if you are hosting someone with a food allergy or a friend from another country.
  4. Be welcoming and attentive. Make sure guests are greeted warmly, then made to feel welcome throughout the party. Look after each Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 7.10.23 PMguest as much as you can. If you notice a guest with an empty glass or if there’s one person standing alone, take action and remedy the situation.
  5. Don’t fret about the unexpected. Be flexible, as not everything will go as planned. If an unexpected guest arrives or the food is a bit behind, adapt and don’t get spun up…your guests will take on your anxiety.
  6. Be the leader and the spark. It’s your job to run the show and let your guests know when it’s time for dinner, or dessert, or charades. Circulate among your guests, introduce newcomers, and stay with a each group long enough to get a conversation going.
  7. Be appreciative. Thank people for coming as you bid them good-bye. And don’t forget to thank anyone who brought you a gift.

Being a good host is a very doable thing…you just have to be aware of yourself and your guests, maintain balance. So start small…invite a few good friends and try our tips out on them. Let us know how it goes via our the MMI Facebook page.

Thanksgiving Thankful


Happy Hosting and Happy Holidays

Lisa and Demetria

Co-Founders Mother, May I – Etiquette Experts

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What Manners Speak Loudest for Veterans?

Image135Let’s Raise the Flag and Our Level of Respect for Veterans with it. 

No other photograph makes me more aware of my freedom. November 11th is the observed holiday that raises our awareness to those who defend our freedom. This historic photograph stands behind the date of February 23, 1945. It’s 70 years old -and still resonates as the most significant and recognizable image of war. What resonates the most for you on Veterans Day?-Hanging your Flag?, Saying Hello to a uniformed soldier?, Calling a friend who served and saying Thank You?… Don’t let this Wednesday pass by without recognizing a veteran.

Historians have the identity of the six men raising our nation’s flag. But, who are the other 19 million faces that have raised their hand to guard our freedom?

Recognizing a veteran might not be all that simple these days. Fortunately, many of them are out of uniform, and unfortunately many of them are homeless.  How can you recognize a veteran?

Everybody can do something. Every American. Every business. Every school… Please let’s all set out a goal to do a mindful manner towards a veteran on 11.11.15. Here are eleven simple tips you might not know:

  1. Properly display your flag
  2. Change one light to green in a visible location-on your porch, in your home, or at your officeScreen Shot 2015-11-09 at 11.38.16 PM
  3. Hire a Veteran.
  4. Help send a care package to a service member. My local mail center is always collecting boxes for our active veterans
  5. Donate online to a supporting qualified charitable organization.
  6. Donate your older car through the service of Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation.
  7. Take your running to a different level, and run for Homes for Our Troops
  8. Buy a ticket for a Vet to attend a Fun event.
  9. If you own a business, offer a discount service or  something free to anyone identifying themselves as a veteran.
  10. Take the time to tune in on HBO to watch an uplifting and emotional tribute on 11.11.15 at 7pm.
  11. My Favorite—Say Thanks, Look at that veteran, or active military person-and say Thank You…

Stand up and be thankful for your freedom.

Semper fidelis


Demetria and Lisa

Co-Founders Mother, May I – Etiquette Experts

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Who is Affected by Your Ongoing Tardiness?



So….when is fashionably late a good thing?   Well from someone who claims to have been born 10 minutes late and who typically starts a conversation with “Sorry I’m late”, I may not be the right person to ask. But studies and fact based research emphatically says “No” to the notion that being late is an acceptable behavior. Not only will this problem put you in a perpetual state of chaos and haste, but you may convey a message to friends and coworkers that you do not value their time.    If this description sounds accurate, take note as we begin to explore being tardy…a sign of disrespect!

With the onslaught of cell phones, it has given people some sense of false security that notifying others of your perpetual tardiness is “ok”.


Well it is “ok” if you are detained because of an accident on the highway or a delayed flight…but many feel just by making the effort to call makes lateness ok. Well just because we can doesn’t mean that we should…and what it could mean, is that you don’t get “the job” or “the client”.

So what is the cause?

A study of 225 people with San Francisco State University, giving personality tests to determine what causes chronic lateness. As it turned out, “the late scored higher in several areas, including anxiety and distractibility, while placing somewhat below the timely in the areas of self-esteem and self-discipline.” So being perpetually late ends up becoming a cycle of anxiety and low self-esteem.

And how about the Millennials in the workplace… 60 Minutes and  Forbes Magazine  have done articles and segments and have determined, “They (millennials) have climbed Mount Everest. They’ve been down to Machu Picchu to help excavate it. But they’ve never punched a time clock. They have no idea what it’s like to actually be in an office at nine o’clock, with people handing them work,” “74% of them require a work/life balance”.

So where does punctuality fit in? And what is the effect?

  • Employees who choose to be late are showing blatant disrespect for the manager or administration. This can have damaging effects on the rest of the team.
  • Habitually late person is not only illustrating his own dissatisfaction with his workplace, but also affects the work habits and morale of others… If one or two people are consistently late for no reason other than they seem to think it’s not a problem, then the rest of the staff may start to have a problem.
  • If you are late you end up paying for it…literally! According to Diana DeLonzor, the author of  “Never be Late Again: 7 Cures for the Punctually Challenged,”  tardiness “costs U.S. businesses more than $3 billion each year in lost productivity. The effect on the bottom line of the average business is significant: An employee who is late 10 minutes each day has, by the end of the year, taken the equivalent of a week’s paid vacation.”

ClockBut, interestingly, 44% of the hiring managers surveyed, via Career Builder, said they didn’t care if their employees were late as long as the work was completed on time and with good quality.

The bottom line…

If you have a flexible boss, who values your worth as an employee, then 5 minutes late here and there may not be an issue. It is when it effects other’s ability to get their work done is where employers have to draw the line.

Respectfully… Mother, May I  says make being early, work for you.  By being 10-15 minutes early to a business event or meeting can make a big difference in what you get out of it. It shows to savvy observers that you are prepared, and you may get a chance to make an impression on the key note speaker or the president of the company.

So now a days… I set my clocks fast, set reminders in my phone and use Starbucks locations as my early holding spot before a meeting. These work for me…

Tell us what types of things do you do to get yourself to be on time?


Thanks for reading,

Lisa and Demetria

Co-Founders Mother, May I – Etiquette Experts

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Can Manners Be Recycled?

Give a hoot and don’t pollute.350px-People_Start_Pollution_-_1971_Ad

With that said, littering or doing anything improperly or inappropriately is not mannerly. Throughout, human history, people have disposed of unwanted materials onto streets, waterways, in small local dumps or often in remote locations. (Wikipedia). It’s no surprise that littering has an effect on your quality of life.

Did you know, that having the right manners can also affect your life. So, since we have all been doing our best to not litter, why is there a shortage on manners?

Our manners being disposed of today is obvious. Nearly, 70% questioned in an Associated Press-Ipsos poll ( said people are ruder today than they were 20 or 30 years ago. Do you think that the person who intentionally litters also has bad manners? Interestingly, research by Keep America Beautiful, found that 75% of Americans admitted to littering in the last five years. Well, I guess we can respect the fact that those who are littering are being accountable. However, it’s becoming easier not to litter. There are all kinds of recycling and repurposing containers and laws to help us give a hoot to not pollute.

So why can’t Americans be more intentional on behaving properly and acting appropriately?  Do you think that as we take the time to not litter, we decided to put our manners to the curb?

Our society has managed to make a difference in their environment by recognizing the importance of recycling. Why have we not managed to behave better as well towards each other. From road rage in the morning commute to the high-decibel cell-phone conversations that ruin our dining, men and women behaving badly has become the hallmark of a hurry-up world. How can we convince each other that manners matter more today than before? Using your manners everyday make as much a difference in your life as much as recycling your water bottle.

Let’s try to put the same effort into recycling into making manners matter. Be a good scout and  help us work our recycling efforts into our daily manners- here are 7 tips to accomplish each day of the week. 

  • Sunday-While addressing the needs of your property such as leaf blowing, trash collecting, ask your neighbor if they need any help around their home.
  • Monday-Getting the trash ready for the week pick-up, be sure to ask your housemates if they need any debris collected as well.
  • Tuesday-Take some time to learn the new recycling labels. And share your knowledge with others.
  • Wednesday-If you see something, say something. Alerting others to their publicly displayed bad behavior may be a challenge, yet if you can offer some polite interference-you might have made a difference in the outcome of their day.
  • Thursday-Drink your daily allowance of water out of a recycled container, and offer a stranger a kind gesture.
  • Friday-Reuse those leftovers in your fridge by creating a different dinner. Invite a few friends over for a “Pop-Up” Leftover Picnic.
  • Saturday-Send out a note to someone, on recycled paper.

What matters most when it comes to littering is the same when it comes to manners. Respecting each other and respecting our environment go hand in hand. It takes one good deed a day to impact someone’s life. It takes one recycling can to carry reusable containers to the right place. So, as long as we agree to be kind and mindful to each other-our efforts will be recycled into a kinder society for years to come.

So, lets’ think twice, and just be nice…

Demetria and Lisa

Co-Founders Mother, May I – Etiquette Experts



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How to Get the Most Out of a Networking Event


So….many people today feel that networking is the best way to find business opportunities.

But what is business networking anyway?  Well based on the book, Oxford Dictionary, the word is defined as:

Network (noun) 1 An arrangement of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines… 2 A group or system of interconnected people or things… (verb) 1 Connect or operate with a network… 2 (often as noun networking) Interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.

…But it’s more than showing up and shaking hands; it’s about being prepared and proactive. Business networking offers a way to reach decision-makers which might otherwise be very difficult to engage with using conventional advertising methods. In addition, business networking brings with it the added advantage of recommendation and personal introduction, which are always very helpful for developing business opportunities.

So how can you make an impression on an individual at a networking event in a short amount of time?

  • Make a Good First Impression.
  • Do Your Research.
  • Know Their Industry.
  • Know Current News
  • Have Something Interesting to Say About It.
  • Keep the Conversation Going – Instead of making generic statements -keep things interesting and lead from one subject to another -the more you practice this, the better you become at it.

Knowledge is power – in networking, too! Research the people and companies present at the networking events you attend, read books about subjects you don’t know, and never stop learning –to help strengthen your networking skills, and yourself!

Natl book foundation

Did you know that October is National Book Month? Books are a wealth of information and used to be the only real resource we had to familiarize ourselves with topics and businesses. Now we have Google and other search engines that actually make finding out information about businesses or keynote speakers easy and fast. Well even if you are a bit of a wall flower, it is simple to Google 2 or 3 factoids or create a few soundbites based on what you learned. This will allow you to start a conversation, which could lead to an opportunity that may not have existed if you came in cold.

So with that in mind, here is a short list of efforts you can make to make your networking …work for you!


  • Networking is a contact sport…it is like the lottery, you have to play to win. So target the networking events that will benefit your networking goals and make sure you are mentally there as well.
  • Ask yourself what your goals are in participating in networking meetings as you can’t meet everyone. So be prepared with the short list of people you want to connect with and connect.
  • Keep in mind that networking is about being genuine and authentic, building trust and relationships, and seeing how you can help others.
  • Have an elevator speech prepared describing yourself decisively and positively as you may only have a few minutes in the initial exchange.
  • Ask open-ended questions in networking conversations. This means questions that ask who, what, where, when, and how as opposed to those that can be answered with a simple yes or no. This form of questioning opens up the discussion and shows listeners that you are interested in them.
  • Follow through quickly and efficiently on referrals you are given. When people give you referrals, your actions are a reflection on them. Respect and honor that, and your referrals will grow.
  • Call those you meet who may benefit from what you do and vice versa. Express that you enjoyed meeting them, and ask if you could get together and share ideas.
  • Hold volunteer positions in organizations. This is a great way to stay visible and give back to groups that have helped you.

group of business folk / all networking together / to generate cashSo stop thinking there are perks to being a wallflower and get out there and start building those important relationships today… you never know where they might lead.

Mother, May I works with college students and business executives to make networking a productive experience. Let us know how we can help you get the most out of your next networking opportunity.

“It’s the people we hardly know, and not our closest friends, who will improve our lives most dramatically”
Meg Jay  Clinical Psychologist,  Author of The Defining Decade, and speaker at the acclaimed 2013 TED talk.   


Thanks for reading and joining our network! Follow us on LinkedIn to find out about our next blog.

Lisa and Demetria

Co-Founders Mother, May I – Etiquette Experts

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What Do You Wear to Work?

First things first: Transparency belongs in the workplace in your communication skills, not in your clothing choices.

Every morning you spend time (valuable time) dressing yourself.  Some mornings you might find yourself spending way too much time getting ready, which in turn may make you late and unprepared for your day. We want to inspire you to change your work performance by changing your clothes. It’s a challenge that we know you can accomplish.  Knowing how to dress yourself well will give you an advantage over your peers. How to Simplify Dressing Business Casual Daily.

bad-work-clothesYour clothing creates your individual identity. Although you should never judge a book by its cover, if you’re in a big office with a lot of employees, then it’s possible the only impression your boss really has of you is how you present yourself. Business dress has undergone such radical shifts in the past ten years that people simply no longer know what is appropriate anymore. However, some things never change-And the following tips are all you need to make a clothing change which will make a change in your professional success:So, let’s start at the top:

  • Your hair. Spend some time with a hairstylist that can help you with a style that is easy to create, and easy on the eyes. Save your updo’s for a wedding or a date-And the amount of makeup you wear should enhance your beauty, not create it. Going to work looking like an avatar will lessen your credibility.
  • Make sure you are always dressed appropriately for work with clean clothes …clean means clean. Soiled clothes speak more of slovenliness and poor personal habits than of rebellion and “cool”. Forget about finding a “hot spot” and take time to inspect your clothes for spots.
  • Smart clothes…mean that they don’t have a special pocket for your smart phone. It means to wear clothes that are practical and permit you to move comfortably in and out of your chair or cubicle.
  • Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Use your own style, as we suggest above, but match your dress style to your company’s’ level of formality.
  • Dress for the time of day…with the holidays approaching, many of us will be attending parties after work. Bring in your after-work attire and change your outfit after the official workday is done. NO Exceptions.
  • Keep it understated…allowing your clothes to speak without shouting. That is the hallmark of the well-dressed.
  • Reality is that you represent your company. Whenever you deal with people from the outside, your clothes reflect your company. Always be prepared to look your best.
  • Don’t be a fashion victim. Your work clothes are an investment into your success. Don’t let “what’s in or what’s cheap” be your guide. Keep your personal style in check with your company’s culture.
  • Finally, most of our presentations, our client wants us to address the issue on clothes that reveal too much. The smart business dresser knows that transparency belongs in their work communication and projects. Keeping your colleagues, bosses, and clients focus on your work not your body will move you up that corporate ladder without missing a step.

Following the above tips is simple – If you value your job, and yourself, taking some time to clear out your closet, and ask Mother, May I for advice is what will help you succeed in dressing well for your career. These days, it’s easy for us to get complacent about our appearance. However, some things will never change; People judge you by your clothes; dressing appropriately at your company is a vital ingredient in making a good impression and maintaining that good image every day.

We want you to put your best foot forward every day!

Demetria and Lisa

Co-Founders Mother, May I – Etiquette Experts

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Pardon the Interruptions-The Pope is Talking

PopeWell, these past few days had many interruptions due to the Papal Visit. And, those interruptions might have been worthwhile-such as, a break from your regular traffic route because you decided to watch the Pope a little longer. That type of interruption was welcoming-We have had our  days  and routines interrupted time to time. But, is it just me, or do I feel like conversations are being interrupted more often these days?

Did you know?

  • We can comprehend and listen at the rate of 600 words per minute?
  • On the average, we speak at the rate of 125-150 words per minute. (No wonder, at an auction all we have to do to respond is raise our hand-did I just interrupt my blog?)

The fact that our society has encouraged a lifestyle that not only makes our minds work at a faster rate, but makes other things happening around us work as fast. This means that our minds are working faster when listening to others. ( No wonder it’s a struggle to keep on topic.

Have interruptions become such a trend that they are now a natural part of conversation? There are times  we don’t realize we are interrupting.  Let’s take a step back and name the reasons why we interrupt:

  1. We need help.
  2. We need attention.
  3. We are bored with the current conversation.
  4. We are wasting our time.
  5. We want to change the topic, for some other reason.
  6. We are arrogant.( Trump – are you reading this?)

Mother, May I wants to help you improve yourself professionally and personally, we believe that interruptions  whether intentional or not can be controlled.

If you don’t want someone to interrupt you, then practice the following in conversation:

  1. Spell out your intentions up front – For example, “Thanks for meeting with me this morning. I’m not sure how to handle this sticky situation at work. Here is what happened-and I value your opinion/advice.”
  2. Your time is valuable – Find what works for you in regards to answering the phone and replying to emails. Interruptions happen while other interruptions are ongoing. Communicating with others about your available time will help others respect your time, and not interrupt you.
  3. Give advice when asked – Unsolicited advice is rarely appreciated. If there is something you want to discuss and it is off-topic, do not interrupt, wait and find a better time to offer advice.

Watching and listening to pieces of  the Popes recent visit was enticing. It was refreshing to stop, pause, listen and reflect on the media coverage, and mainly, listen to the Pope. Did you notice his deliberate moments of silence?  Thousands upon thousands experienced the bliss of silence and reflection during the Pope’s visit. Regular conversation with a person like the Pope will likely never happen. And, if you or I ever had the chance to talk with him, the idea of interrupting him is unfathomable.

So, chances are we won’t have the pleasure of talking with the Pope, yet we can all improve our communication.

Next time you have a conversation with anyone, your parent, a friend, a colleague, try to slow it down a bit. Pay attention to what they say, and don’t be afraid to ponder your answer and pause, before developing a response. You may be able to improve your response and answer the question better. Also, listening  more closely will  make the conversation more enjoyable and enriching for both parties involved.

If you would like to learn more about communication, and take a look at how it reflects on yourself  in the your profession, listen to our latest podcast. We will be sharing it on our social media platforms on Monday, next week on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Listen to Mother, May I with Emery Mulling of Mulling At Work, a segment on Talk of the Town 1160 Radio, and listen to us chat about How to Improve Professionalism in the Modern (often interrupted) Workplace.

Demetria and Lisa

Co-Founders Mother, May I


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Mindful Manners for the Workplace


So….now that Labor Day has come and gone, the festiveness of summer seems like a distant memory. Most folks are back from vacation and the fall intensity is revving up. Not to say we totally slack in the summer, but in many industries, summertime is a bit more of a relaxed workplace. Many companies in Manhattan actually offer ½ day Fridays so that employees can get out of town for the weekend early. Hewitt Associates research over the years has found that compressing workweeks is a way to keep employees happy without spending a lot of money.

workplace reallyI’m not sure why workplace etiquette seems to still be on vacation too. Is office etiquette sadly fading away? Well Mother, May I is here to help correct that trend. To some people, manners seem to be an old-fashioned concept — some stuffy idea from when people were not allowed to wear flip flops to work. If you spend most of your week in an office environment, you probably know that working closely with colleagues can be a productive, rewarding experience. You also know that their quirks, bad habits, and thoughtlessness can slowly drive you insane.

So with that in mind, here is a short list of office pet peeves and reminders of the civil and professional behavior that you can practice in the workplace…

Cubicle clausterphobia

  • Cubicle claustrophobia: Too many people feel like their space is not their space. But even though a person works in an open area, it does not follow that they don’t deserve some privacy and respect.
    • Leave other’s belongings alone
    • Knock before entering another’s cubicle and don’t peer over cubicle walls
    • Use your indoor voice and don’t use your speaker phone unless you are alone or in a closed office space
  • Kitchen confidential: It is funny, as we canvas different employees, shared space maintenance is a common issue. If you put something in the refrigerator, you need to eat it or remove it before it goes bad. Leaving it there afterwards (and sometime long afterwards) is not only wrong, but frankly, gross.

Workplace refrig

    • Respect other people’s food
    • Clean up after yourself
    • Be responsibility for what you use in common spaces
  • Communication: Getting 10 emails when a brief face –to –face or phone call would suffice and solve any confusion
    • Not responding to emails in a timely manner is unprofessional
  •  “People not taking ownership for their actions” continues to be one of the most common pet peeve globally, chosen by 78 percent of total respondents.
    • No one is perfect so being authentic and transparent about an issue at work will save everyone’s time and improve productivity in the end.
  •  Showing up late for meetings: This is the office pet peeve that bothered hiring managers (65 percent) in the U.S. the most according to a LinkedIn survey.
    • Showing up late or ill-prepared gives the impression that your time is more important than others, even your bosses.   
  • Passive-aggressive feuding. This happens when a coworker has a problem, but instead of solving it through open communication, punishes you with a range of undermining tactics. This can include eye rolling, the silent treatment, or excluding you from lunch or happy hour.
    • It’s best to get the issue on the table and discuss it calmly, working together to find an agreeable solution. 

Henry Ford was quoted as saying that “Being likable was more important than the knowledge of the job.” He said, “You can teach someone the job, but teaching them how to work with others is much more difficult.”

Being civil and mindful of others in the workplace is a best practice.

Let us know how turning on the right manners benefited you at work!


Lisa and Demetria

Co-Founders Mother, May I – Etiquette Experts

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Diner En Blanc…En Pittsburgh

Diner en Blanc Pgh

DEB Sparklers

A crowd of happy people, all dressed in white, converged on Gateway Center for a chic, pop-up BYO-picnic Friday night. The sole purpose of which was to create a unique evening in the city. There was a heady spirit of community at the fancy picnic, as well as a sense of elegance.

Diner en Blanc began in Paris in 1988 by François Pasquier, who invited a few of his friends one day in June. To find one another in the park, they all wore white. The dinner was such a success that they decided to repeat it the following year and the year after that. Over the years, the number of guests grew to 1,000-plus, and the trend spread to other cities.

Demetria and I jumped at the chance to be a part of this inaugural event, as it is after all, all about etiquette and protocol. Demetria was even asked to be one of the judges and selected the table setting that depicted Pittsburgh the best !

DEB D and me

Ashley and Steven Toth of Level Green PA took home high honors for their re-purposed centerpiece & elegant table setting.

I guess our enthusiasm for this event is layered…

  1. We love the longstanding history of Diner En Blanc, originating in Paris and popping up in major cities all around the globe.
  2. We love the formalness too. In our society where everything is so casual these days, it was fun to do something a bit more elegant.
  3. We love the fact that Pittsburgh was finally selected as a city to host the event !


A long-standing Diner en Blanc tradition is the waving of the napkins to show occupation of space and kick off dinner… well Pittsburgh has been practicing that with our Terrible Towels over the years, so the towel waving was purposeful and executed with perfection !


We had 1000 people this year…I say we try to double that for next year! (You can read more about the event on the Post Gazette.)

If you need any dining tips before then please feel free to contact Mother, May I today.

Thank you Jenny Altman, Crystal Vangura and Trisha Daniel for hosting the event and Bon apetit Pittsburgh!


Lisa and Demetria

Co-Founders Mother, May I – Etiquette Experts


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3 Manners to Leave a Great Impression

What makes a great impression? Today, making a good impression is easy. Saying hello and making eye contact and extending your hand are all simple ways that create a good impression. However, in today’s competitive world, Making and leaving a great impression is a challenge.

Believe Mother, May I when we tell you that people do want to hear about you. When you meet someone, they want to hear about what you do and who you are. Be prepared to have that short “elevator” speech that engages the people you are with. Make yourself present by lighting up your social crowd.

Being an engaging and fun person to be around goes hand-in-hand with having good manners and leaving a good impression. Speaking of which, Pittsburgh will be making an impression this Friday by hosting an amazing event.

I have to share that this weekend Pittsburgh will be on stage for hosting our first Diner En Blanc. Visit the White en Blanc – Pittsburgh website to learn about this amazing social movement that encourages dining with strangers. We will all be dressed in white, and conducting ourselves with the best decorum, elegance , and etiquette, all meeting for a massive “Chic Picnic” in a public space.


So, for those of you attending the White en Blanc event, and also those of you that are constantly meeting new people, professionally and socially…Here are 3 Steps to Help you Succeed in Leaving a good Great Impression:

  1. Looking good and well groomed wherever you may be…I know that in some places, yoga pants have crossed into the workplace for appropriate attire-However, your everyday appearance should always send a strong message about you. You don’t get a second chance…We make a judgement in the first 2 seconds we lay our eyes on you. At the White En Blanc event, dress in all white -for ladies, I would include the shoes as well, while for men, white shoes may be harder to come by and therefore less of a no-no.
  1. Be prepared to talk about yourself in a positive manner. Nobody wants to hear the doom and gloom of your day. Give off a positive energy and find a positive talking piece about yourself that you know makes you smile when you talk about it. Lean forward into the conversation. Know that your body language sends out 65% of what you are really saying. Keep your comments short and clear in communication.
  1. Walk away from that social group with a thank you, and it was nice meeting you. Be sincere. Make people feel good by giving them approval. Make them feel good about themselves. Also, if you can, try to use their names if you remember them, as people like to hear their own name.

Leaving a Great Impression is a wonderful way to kick-start your Fall season. Challenge yourself with some new social setting goals.

For example, you could….

  • Go for a walk just to smile at a stranger.
  • Make a point to help someone at the grocery store.
  • Do something nice for someone at work.

– You will feel good about this small changes that you are making to your daily routine-and will be leaving behind a great impression on someone.

Let us know how someone left you with a great impression. And think about why that person was able to leave that impression on you…

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