Holiday Office Par-Tay – Is It Okay To ________ ?


So…There are many ways to fill in that blank! Is it ok to bring something to the office Holiday gathering? Is it ok for me to bring a guest? Is it ok for me to have 3 adult beverages? Is it ok to just hang out with my current office circle of friends?

Well there are many questions to answer here and these answers, if answered correctly, can give you an opportunity to shine as a memorable guest…in a Nice way, vs. a Naughty way!

We have previously posted a surprising Adecco statistic about office party behavior…40% of Americans have been a part of or have witnessed inappropriate behavior during the annual holiday office gathering. One possible outcome… Pink slips are almost as frequent as red faces. More than 1 in 10 Americans say they know someone who has been fired for their inappropriate behavior at a holiday party. This behavior may include saying something inappropriate to a colleague (7%) or boss (4%), or drinking too much (20%).  Read CBS Philadelphia’s article on ‘Inappropriate Behavior At The Office Holiday Party‘.

So how do you shine at your office party?

  1. A holiday party is a much earned time to unwind and relax, but overdoing cocktails, may tarnish your reputation and could seriously damage your credibility. You know your limit, and if you don’t, stick with the 2 alcoholic beverage rule, hydrating in between cocktails. (You will thank us in the morning!)
  2. Office party attire is typically a bit more relaxed and festive, but please remember that appropriate attire is essential. Not too short, not too low cut and not too tight. Shoes you can’t walk in? How are you going to schmooze with the VP of that department you’ve been dying to break into if you can’t even hang by the punchbowl without a colleague to lean on?
  3. Break away from the folks you see all the time at work…this gives you an opportunity to network with some of your co-workers that you do not regularly interact with. Take the time to mingle, you will never know where it might take you. Have a list of potential topics in mind that will help you get a new conversation going.


If your company is planning a Holiday gathering, they may want to include Mother, May I in the planning process… Contact us today to book your pre-party Lunch-n-Learn!

Don’t be the last person to leave. Know your limit and excuse yourself before the inevitable gaffes come from someone else. Make an appearance, keep it professional, thank the host and then depart. In this context, nothing good ever happens after midnight!

tmg-slideshow_xl (2)So Mother, May I says err on the side of caution when attending your Holiday Office Party…or any party for that matter.


                                                Don’t be this guy… bad party behavior            Or this girl…5-Holiday-Dress-5

Happy Holidays and have fun, but think…it is more important to be remebered for your knowledge and wit vs. your thoughtless behavior or attire!

Please let us know some bad office party behavior you have witnessed, no names please, on our blog or Facebook.

Happy Holidays from Mother, May I

Lisa and Demetria

Co-Founders – Mother, May I

How May I be the Hostess with the Mostest this Holiday Season?

 holiday entertainment

Holiday Hosting a great party, with no mishaps, seems like a daunting task. With our help, you will host that event with confidence and ease. Here are three simple ways to be the talk of the town…in a good way.

  • Send out invites with a start time and an RSVP. Expect your guests to respect your time. If they do not RSVP, call them. Knowing your guest list is a big part of your party’s success. Party-crashers are a part of the holiday hullabaloo…take it as a compliment if someone crashes your party rather than creating a Hollywood scene. White House Party Crashers
  • Be sure to greet each guest at the door as they arrive. Sounds simple, yet many of us become preoccupied when that doorbell rings. An expert hostess is prepared and available to open the door, greeting guest by saying “I am so happy that you are here”!
  • Keep your food simple, which if possible, perfect at room temperature. Making extravagant dishes will just create extravagant concerns. Finger foods are easiest to eat when standing and talking to others. There is a reason the Pillsbury Doughboy has been a favorite at the holidays.

Even the most well planned parties can be damaged by a manner mis-hap. Mother, May I understands that not everyone has had a visit with us…so if the party gets out of hand, be sure to keep your control and escort the bad “behavior” to a quiet room. Offer concern and listen to the complaint, then call them a cab or Uber.

You are invited to share your favorite hosting tip. Please post with a reply…

Holiday mug

Demetria and Lisa

Co-Founders – Mother, May I