And the Winner Is…

Mother, May I 02.04.15

And the Winner IS….


YOU!-You made it through January. You managed to keep at least one of your New Year’s Resolutions, and that’s OK -as long as you are feeling good about your behavior and habits. Just like Superbowl XLIX is behind us -put behind you any bad memories or consequences that came from your behavior. It’s February, 2015 and Mother, May I is going to help you be a good sport in work, play and family.
Words of Advice to help keep you on track for a SUPER 2015


• Work on improving your listening skills. At home, school, work, even on the subway and in short conversations in the grocery store, wherever you are, try to be an active listener. Active listening can be developed with practice. Don’t simply hear, but concentrate on what a speaker is saying. Doing so will teach about who your talking to, help you understand underlying messages, feelings, and dispositions, and make the conversation more beneficial for all parties involved

Here are some tips that can help you become an active listener.

  • – Pay full attention to the speaker.
  • – Use body language to give gesture that you are listening.
  • – Give ample feedback
  • – Do not judge
  • – Respond accordingly.
  • – Do not plan your response while the speaker is still talking. Instead hear them out fully, and then take an extra moment to gather your response afterward if necessary.


• Hit the Pause button often. Stop Look Listen— This kindergarten code of conduct for crossing the street still resonates into our everyday social conduct. And now that we are older, a word of advice is added:-Think before you speak. Is it ever okay to correct someones manners? Read the Huffington Post Article “Minding Other People’s Manners: When and How Is It Okay?” to find out.

• It’s National Heart Month-Take yourself to the doctor for a yearly physical. Taking care of your own health will make you feel better. Take it one-step further-Ask your friends and neighbors—have they had their health checked? Leanr more about health and manners with this past  Mother, May I  Facebook post.

May we ask for your say on how you are feeling in February? We promise to listen and ask caring questions.

Etiquette Experts-
Demetria and Lisa
Co-founders-Mother, May I

Building Better Relationships…Are You Strong Enough?


strong-relationshipSo… in this digital age it seems like people take more value in how many “Facebook Friends” they have versus the actual friends they interact with on a regular basis. This holds true in business as well…many people hide behind their computer or electronic devices vs actually conducting a phone or face to face interaction.

We have all heard the definition for IQ (Intelligence Quotient) right? It is a standard that measures a person’s intelligence.

Well let’s consider an RQ… Relationship Quotient. A way to score how a person builds solid relationships at home at work at school and in their community. Would you score above or below curve on that test?

Since this is January and our theme is “Building” rather than “Resolving”, here are some measurable tips to become stronger in your relationships!


  1. Communicate! Communication in any relationship is key, and how the communication is delivered can be equally as important. Be sure your communication method best serves the message. For instance you rarely want to leave really personal news on a voicemail or even more horrifying, in a text. Divorce via text message… Really?
  2. Be authentic! Trust can be severed or questioned in a minute if you are not honest and upfront. Most people want to know the truth even if you don’t think they can handle the truth. Like A Few Good Men
  3. Listen! You have 2 ears and one mouth. Try using them in that ratio. Active listening, with eye contact and sincerity goes a long way to improving and building relationships. It is a fact that an empathetic listener is more likely to be trusted and respected. Plus it is just good manners. “Being a poor listener is associated with poorer social and emotional sensitivity.” according to a study from Psychology Today.

So this January as you set goals for 2015, make an effort to improve that RQ…and see where it takes you!

Mother, May I wants to help you build stronger relationships in 2015.

Call or send us an email  – we will be happy to listen!

Cheers,   Lisa & Demetria

Co-founders Mother, May I