Mannerly Holiday Tipping…


You have occasion to tip throughout the year right? The reason why we tip is to show respect to the service provider…so why should December tipping be any different? Well, I guess it is because December is the final month of the year and it gives us all cause for pause to remember the people who help us to get through our lives.

But why do we really tip? Take a look at’s Survey Statistics on Tipping.
Holiday Tipping statistic

The survey showed that 17% of people tip because of expectation, compared to 73% who do it to say thank you. About 6% tip out of fear they won’t get good service next year if they’re stingy. Fear should never be a factor in gifting.

So…knowing who you should tip, how much and when is important as you are making a positive impression on someone when you do. While gifting is a choice, not giving anything may leave an impression also…so be mindful of the message you may send.

Make your holiday tipping easy by following Mother, May I’s guide to who and how:

  1. First…Make your very own “Nice” list with those people who assist you on a regular basis. What is regular? If you find yourself calling for their assistance more than once a month—put them on your regular list.
  2. Sticking to a holiday tipping budget, and allocating cash or gifts starting with those closest to you, is the best way to handle a longer list
  3. Make sure you give that “Holiday Thanks” tip in a timely manner. Don’t give your holiday thank you tip at Valentine’s Day.
  4. Try to give the gift in person and be sure its presentation is perfect. Don’t stuff a crumply old green-back in the pocket of your handyman. Hand them the gift in a nice envelope or money card with a handwritten note.be_nice_santas_watching_tip_jar_stickers-ra2eb65ab312f4dbbb49962c2f74f66d7_v9waf_8byvr_324

This all may sound daunting so being prepared will help ease your anxiety. Having the list of people you are thankful for by Thanksgiving, will smooth out the delivery of your thankful tipping before the end of the year.

th (10)Lists that offer guidelines for tipping should be regarded as suggestions and not rules. So how much is appropriate? Make sure you don’t forget a universal rule-“location, location, location”… Some cities or service areas might have higher tipping amounts.

Property Manager-$20.00 or a gift card to Home Depot

Doorman or that person you say Hello to every morning on your way to work – $15 to $100. This one really depends on how often that person helps you beyond opening the door for you.

Housekeeper – Up to the cost of one visit

Mail Carrier – A small gift or a gift card up to $20.00

Hair and Nail Techs – up to 1 appointment cost.

Personal Trainer – $15-$25

Dog Groomer-Up to the cost of one session…Dog walker – 1 weeks’ pay

Sanitation Worker-$10.00 up to $20 each

Kids instructors or coaches – A small gift selected by the child

Favorite Neighbor-A thoughtful plant or gift card to their favorite shop

Even if a cash tip isn’t possible, send a hand-written note or a homemade food item. Pinterest is a good resource for some great holiday treats!

And here is one last tip…

As you end the year make the right impression with the people you count on…

Please let us know where your mindful tipping made a difference for those you count on.

Happy Holidays

Lisa and Demetria

Co-founders- Mother, May I