To Google or Not To Google – That’s Not The Question

So… I was at a local restaurant where lots of Millennials teamed up to participate in DJ Trivia night. Before the DJ spun his first song he spelled out the rules…one was that the use of mobile devices to secure answers was strictly prohibited.

Okay…so let’s get started! The first question was announced and what do I see, but a young women next to me trying to conceal her Google app lit on her smart phone. I couldn’t let it go by, so I called her on it…she didn’t know how to respond. Nothing defensible.

So do Smart phones really make us smart or do they facilitate short-lived bursts of brilliance and in this case, a person with a questionable sense of right and wrong?

Lisa Iadicicco & Demetria Pappas
Co-Founders – Mother, May I

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