Is What I Wear Only My Business?


So Starbucks is causing a bit of a stir this week with the company’s change in dress code – No pink or purple hair, no glitter or bright nail polish and no rings with stones. Wow, the comments weighing in on both sides of that argument are impassioned, as cited in this article by the NY Daily News.

Esquire magazine had named Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg its ‘Worst Dressed Celebrity.’ While I’m confident the billionaire isn’t losing any sleep over the title, there is a bigger implication here, not everyone is the creator of Facebook, and employers are having trouble coming up with the right combination.

Employers institute dress codes, usually, because employee attire is a significant problem for customers, coworkers, or the company’s professional image. If an office does not enforce a dress code, some people will come to work in whatever they like, regardless of their professional appearance. With an office full of people in all types of wardrobes, it can be distracting to others in the office and hinder productivity


Here are some things to consider:

  1. Dressing appropriately for the situation exhibits that you are prepared, organized and respectful
  2. Wearing clothing with fit and function in mind, will reduce the opportunity of a clothing malfunction
  3. Wearing the right attire will increase your confidence and reduce distractions


If clothing requires perpetual readjustment, then it poses a “distraction” to the wearer or the viewer, and that is not nice.

If your clothing doesn’t cause distraction to you or others, then you are more likely listening attentively or being listened to in a more active way. Do you want people to remember you for the content of what you say, vs. the memory of you fidgeting with a shirt or skirt that was a smidge too small or wrinkled? Read more about making the right impression.

And for those of you who are formulating your dress code, please make it clear. Dress codes have to accommodate and correlate to the type of work. Using images to reinforce your clothing examples can be a helpful tool!


The bottom line here is that you are representing your company, your community, even your family when you walk out that door every morning…so be mindful and respectful of that fact and dress accordingly.

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Please share with us your worst “Fashion Faux Pas” at work.


Lisa and Demetria

Co-Founders – Mother, May I

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